CKC first-generationTiny yorkiepoos and full yorkies

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 CKC first-generation YORKIEPOOS and full YORKIES

If you came here in search of a dog, we don't have any. We have 4-legged lifetime companions. I, Nancy Fowler CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for shortness or lose of breath as you oooh and awww over the pictures. Nor liable for any mishaps that occur as you race to contact me for more details. Don't be alarmed if you become addicted to checking out my website daily because you wouldn't be the first to fall in love with these adorable babies. 


BEWARE!!! Enter at the risk of adorable puppy addiction.


                Bred to perfection!!! Puppies are CKC registered first generation yorkiepoos, poodles or yorkies. They do not shed and are easily trained because of their intelligence. These puppies are socialized and treated really special. They will play catch with you or snuggle in front of the television. If this is the type of puppy that you're looking for, then you've come to the right place...scroll down to see the available ones for sale. All puppies will be up to date on shots/dewormings and leave here extremely HEALTHY guaranteed. Each one leaves with health records for your vet.


Please contact me NANCY FOWLER in Boiling Springs, SC (Spartanburg county) 864-578-2048 or email:

    [email protected] 

 This website is updated every day!

  Thanks everyone for checking my website!

 You deserve the best...a lifetime of happiness!


I don't have a waiting list, instead I maintain a Puppy Announcement List (PAL). Members are the first to know when new litters arrive even before it's posted on this website. They also have the latest news and updates at scyorkiepoos including any discounts offered. It's not hard to join, just send me an email stating that you'd like to be added and that's all you have to do...simple!                      


All the puppies have been reserved so unless someone backs out it'll probably be April/May/June before newborns arrive. In fact 5+ are now or have been in heat so surely babies are on the way.

Just know scyorkiepoos is still active and currently working to produce adorable puppies.

Now is a good time to become a member of the PAL.

FYI- The puppies weigh 2-15 pounds when grown. The final size isn't guaranteed. Please don't ask for a 'teacup' because people have different ideas about what a 'teacup' is. Most of my puppies are reserved before they're 4 weeks old so asking the final weight of a puppy is like asking how much a 3 month old infant will weigh as an adult...impossible to determine. I can guarantee the puppies are the best companions and you'll love them.



No, I don't run a puppy mill and will report people who do. 

These girls are possibly expecting and due to have babies in April, May and June.




Lucky little studs...


It costs appx. $1500.00 each month to keep my adults fed, healthy and happy. That's not including my time and I do devote my whole day to them. I groom, dock puppy tails/remove dew claws and administer vaccines and medicine to my crew in order to save money. Considering that I barely break even by selling puppies, please don't ask for a discount...I just can't do it without raising the prices of the puppies.


  Please check out breeders and pet shops before you purchase a new little 'friend'. Most people don't intend to run a puppy mill, but they get so overwhelmed with the needs of owning quality dogs/puppies and I got to admit that some days are hectic. I devote all of my time and energy toward my animals and love them all so very much! I encourage folks to check out local shelters and rescues. Although I'm doubtful that you'll find a perfect little yorkiepoo, you may find something that'll just capture your heart.