****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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  Love and happiness in 2009...

12/31/09- Hiram, Ga

12/24/09- Easley, SC

12/24/09- Simpsonville, SC

12/11/09- Charlotte, NC

12/06/09- Gaffney, SC

12/05/09- Augusta, SC

12/03/09- Statesville, NC

12/03/09- Roebuck, SC

12/02/09- Columbia, SC

11/28/09- Moore, SC

11/27/09- King's Mt, NC

11/25/09- Greer, SC

11/25/09- Inman, SC

Hey Nancy just wanted to let you know that Gracie is a year old!! I can't believe it, it sure has went by FAST! Thank you again for her, she is still mama's lil girl, and absolutley the sweetest lil thing ever weighing only 4.2 lbs at 1 year.

11/24/09- Edgefield, SC

I was so excited to see you have a facebook. Gabbey has got to be the best dog I have ever had, I take her everwhere I go even to work. I have given your email address out to a lot of people. She was so easy to train, and has the best personality. She does look just like a Yorkie having a bad hair day, I tell her that all the time.

11/21/09- Concord, NC

11/14/09- Chesnee, SC

11/04/09- Roebuck, SC

11/01/09- Ogdensberg, New York

10/27/09- Huntersville, NC

Nancy, Misha is finally house-trained. When I'm on the computer he comes up and wimpers or he sits by the door quietly. But today was the big test. I left him alone in the house for 4 hours.( first time ever that long) There was a water bowl on the floor in the kitchen on a towel for our older dog. Misha peed on it... because we left him too long. HA HA. Too funny that he had to revert to his baby days in the master bathroom where we left a towel for him in the morning before I could get dressed and get him outside. It was a just in case towel that he used if he couldn't wait. i LOVE this smart little dog. He is my lifeline to laughter and never ending fun surprises.
     Hi Nancy, Misha is doing great at 4 pounds. Had him nutered 2 weeks ago and all went well. He had his first grooming this week and had that silly bow off his head in 30 seconds. He's a joy!

10/21/09- Greenville, SC

10/20/19- Irmo, SC

10/19/09- Moore, SC

10/19/09- Spartanburg, SC

10/11/09- Charlotte, NC

10/01/09- Boiling Springs, SC

I'm so glad you friend requested me! I love that Miracle is your profile pic... she is so darn cute! I started talking to my husband about her as soon as I saw it. Sugar looks just like Mr. Nibbles (my baby)! Your dogs are the cutest! Mr. Nibbles has more energy than Duke Power... but we love him. I see that you are friends with Michelle Champion... I told her that you have great babies and are a joy to work with!

9/26/09- Greenville, SC

8/22/09- Lexington, SC

8/22/09- Newport News, Va

8/21/09- Greenville, SC

8/17/09- Lexington, SC

8/14/09- Spartanburg, SC

8/13/09- Moore, SC

8/08/09- New Mexico

8/08/09- Inman, SC

7/26/09- Charlotte, NC

7/26/09- Charlotte, NC

7/24/09- Norcross, Ga

7/18/09- Fairfax, Va

7/10/09- Duncan, SC

7/06/09- Charleston, SC

7/03/09- Simpsonville, SC

7/01/09- Spartanburg, SC

6/29/09- Liberty, SC

6/28/09- Easley, SC

6/27/09- Summerville, SC

6/27/09- Huntersville, NC

6/27/09- Lexington, SC

6/26/09- Fort Bragg, NC

6/25/09- Thomasville, NC

6/25/09- Boiling Springs, SC

6/12/09- Colfax, NC

6/05/09- Clifton, SC

5/30/09- Union, SC

5/29/09- Concord, NC

5/27/09- Gaffney, SC

5/26/09- Alexandria, Va

5/25/09- Union, SC

5/23/09- Charleston, SC

5/19/09- Simpsonville, SC

5/16/09- Goosecreek, SC

5/06/09- Colfax, NC

5/01/09- Greer. SC

5/01/09- Greer, SC

Hi Nancy...How are you? Coach and Oliver are sooo great. We will post more pics soon. they are 7 months old this month...Coach is 3.5 lbs and Ollie is 6.5 lbs...we love them!

5/01/09- Simpsonville, SC

4/25/09- Orlando, Fla

4/24/09- Slater, SC

HE is the MOST amazing dog EVER!!!!!! the absolute best money I have EVER spent!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

4/24/09- Conway, SC

4/16/09- Pickens, SC

4/06/09- Boiling Springs, SC

4/04/09- Raleigh, NC

3/13/09- Boiling Springs, SC

3/06/09- Easley, SC

3/04/09- Charlotte, NC

3/03/09- Simpsonville, SC

2/17/09- Charlotte, NC

2/17/09- Charlotte, NC

2/16/09- Greenville, SC

2/07/09- Simpsonville, SC

2/06/09- Spartanburg, SC

2/06/09- Gastonia, NC

2/05/09- Lyman, SC

1/02/09- Spartanburg, SC

1/01/09- Flowery Branch, Ga

Hey Nancy, Bentley sends you his love!! He is so cute. I sent you a pic in a Christmas card. He was with Santa Cow at Chik-fil-A. He weighs 5 lbs 4 oz. His paws are so little and cute...about the size of my thumb!!
Hope you are doing well.