****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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   Proud new puppy parents...      

12/24/10- Boiling Springs, SC

Hi Nancy!  We named him Ruff. He is the sweetest. Thank you so much. My daughter was really surprised.

12/24/10- Spartanburg, SC

12/24/10- Greenwood, SC

she is just a little ball of energy and so sweet!!!!!

12/22/10- Hickory, NC

My daughter Kayle is writing a story for you:

I have always wanted my own dog one that I could love and care for. I
was expecting an electric scooter from my granny. Everyong kept
telling me and my brother that we were going to be disapointed with
our presents. We knew that they were just saying that. When my brother
got a phone I new mine would be better because last year he got the
big present and it was my turn this year. When I got the bag I was
thinking it was going to be a phone too but to my surprise I opened
the bag and i screamed, " There is a dog in there!' And then I
said,"Oh my god its a puppy!" everyone started laughing. Later I got
to look at the pictures that my mom has been getting over the past
seven weeks. Bella only weighs 9 ounces and Freckles weighs 2 pounds.
Oh my God I am still in shock! I am a mother!

12/22/10- Mount Airy, NC

Murfee has already been to the vet and received worm shots and his next set of shots. Baylee absolutely loves him and holds him all the time. It was her best Christmas present yet. We’ll send pictures soon.

Happy New Year!

12/20/10- Boiling Springs, SC

12/18/10- Concord, NC

We love her and she is the cutest thing in the world!

12/10/10- Stanfield, NC

12/03/10- Brooklyn, New York

11/26/10- Greenville, SC

..he's very playful haha... & you're right, he does give lots of puppy kisses already!

11/26/10- Jacksonville, Fla.

I took her to the vet and they said she is doing great and she weighs 1.2 pounds

Hey Ms Nancy,
  Marley-Ann did great for the car rides and is doing good with her potty training no accidents inside yet :)
Also I took her to the vet and they said she is doing great and she weighs 1.2 pounds :)
I love her and she is so playful and cuddly at the same time. Thank u for my lil girl!"

11/26/10- Richmond Hill, Ga

11/26/10- Charleston, SC

Gunner is Too Cute and SMART!!!  That little boy learns quick!

11/26/10- Hickory, NC

My daughter is having a fit over it.
She said I wish I was getting one for Christmas...

11/23/10- Charlotte, NC

11/16/10- Charlotte, NC

11/16/10- Campobello, SC

11/10/10 Easley, SC

11/06/10- Waxhaw, NC

11/06/10- Wake Forest, NC

10/29/10- Spartanburg, SC

Hey Mrs. Nancy, I just wanted to give you an update on Beau.  He went back to the vet today and the vet told me that he was a healthy and strong boy!  He weighed 2.1 pounds today.  He also went to the groomer for the first time today and got a "puppy package", I made sure to tell them to leave all his curls though, haha.  He is doing great and I just wanted to let you know how much I love him and say thanks for doing what you do. Beau said to send Thanksgiving kisses to you and his Mom (Asia) :)

10/27/10- Simpsonville, SC

"Our puppy Lily is so sweet & precious and is doing great."

10/14/10- Mooresville, NC

10/13/10- Greenville, SC

"He's just a real sweetheart and makes my day every day..."

10/09/10- Orangeburg, SC

10/03/10- Concord, NC

10/02/10- Stanford, NC

9/28/10- Lexington, SC

9/13/10- Varnville, SC

"...he reminds me of a little baby..."

9/10/10- Charlotte, NC

My boyfriend loves him as much as I do. If I'm not holding him then he is lol. He actually did great last night. I got up around 2am to let him out but that was it. I was really proud of him!! He follows me around non stop and he LOVES playing in the grass. He just flops down in it and then takes off running and then will flop back down. Its the cutest thing! He is already so spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way!

9/08/10- Winston Salem, NC

"...he is great and im so in love with him... thank you again."

9/04/10- Atlanta, Ga

9/03/10- Greenville, SC

"...His little personality is so stinkin cute!"

9/03/10- Spartanburg, SC

"..Maggie and Oliver are already good buddies."

Happy Memorial Day Nancy!! There are not words to express how much Maggie and Oliver mean to be.Maggie is a real diva-she can turn those big brown eyes on you and give you puppy kisses and melt your heart in a second. She is a real lover. Oliver is a tad more regal. He makes you come to him. They run and play everyday chasing balls, killing animal toys and just having fun, They are exhausted at night. I think Oliver actually thinks he is a Pit Bull.He is not scared of anything. 

Took him to the vet today. He weighs 1.1lbs, he got his second set
of shots and Dr. Carlisle said that he was in perfect health.

9/01/10- Irmo, SC

"She is so cute, everyone is in love with her."

8/29/10- Summerville, SC

8/29/10- Summerville, SC

8/28/10- Hartsville, SC

"He has settled in beautifully and is a joy to have around.  We all love him to death!"

8/20/10- Summerville, SC

"We are loving every minute with her and are so glad that you let her come home with us!.."

I just wanted to thank you again for giving me the two best dogs. I have never seen two dogs so happy to see two people come see them. Madden has been clinging to me all morning and Paisley isn't far behind (I think she is pretending to be mad at me). They were the highlight of coming home and I am so fortunate to have these sweet babies in my life. Thanks again Nancy.

7/07/10- Kingstree, SC

"I couldn't feel more blessed than I do to have her in my life! I absolutely love her!"

Just wanted to let you know that Molly's birthday is Monday..my baby will be 1 :) I'm having her a birthday party on Sunday!! *spoiled much* so be sure to be looking out for the pictures!! I cannot thank you enough for bringing her into my life! I will forever be greatful :) Hope you're doing well!!

I just wanted to give you a little update on Miss Molly....
She is doing so well :) She absolutely loves our house!! She goes everywhere with me and every time we get back home, her little face lights up :) She is exactly the puppy I was looking for and I will be forever greatful that we found her!! She loves playing dr...ess up as you can see in all her pictures..haha and she loves her toys!! She is a mess!! Def. a Miss Priss Pot for sure!! Hope all your babies are doing well & thank you again

7/07/10- Dalzell, SC

Can't thnk u enough!! Mr Biggs is so full of life n Big on being spoiled thnk u again!!

7/03/10- Charlotte, NC

6/22/10- Boiling Springs, SC

We named the puppy Ci Ci. She's been doing great and very playful...cried the first night, but was ok when we turn on light. We took her to the vet and everything was good. She's doing real good with the wee wee pads. Thanks a lot and we'll send you some pictures soon.

6/19/10- Jacksonville, NC

6/17/10- Enoree, SC

6/07/10- Charlotte, NC

5/15/10- Leeland, SC

No complaints here.  He is a real sweetie.  Sleep all night in his crate on the pillow next to Caroline.  He took his first trip to school to pick her up yesterday.  He got so excited when he saw her coming to the car.  Looking forward to Caroline being out of school.  Jack did very well on the trip home from your place.  It was a long way.  Stopped for a potty break just outside of Columbia, SC and he actually had the opportunity to meet a Yorkie and a Maltie Poo.  Jack also loves the dogs on our street and gets very excited to go play.  Hope you have a great day and look for some pictures this afternoon.  Thanks again.

Jack's vet visit went well! He is parasite free and the vet said that he has a strong heart. No murmur findings or anything like that. He had to get his ears cleaned though, and he didn't like that very much haha! He got his very first bordatella shot and goes back in a week for his twelve week shots. All the nurses an...d vets loved him and wanted to put him in their pockets!

5/01/10- Landrum, SC

4/24/10- Charlotte, NC

4/23/10- Spartanburg, SC

 I wanted to let you know that last night went great with Maggie. She only cried just a little bit. I wanted to let you know that last night went great with Maggie. She only cried just a little bit. I took her to the Vet this morning and she weighs 1lb.11oz.. He said that she was a very healthy puppy. He also checked her for worms and she had none. She goes back May 3 for her second set of shots. She has been such a sweetheart. She has played and played. I'll let you know more as she progresses. Thank you again-  "She has been such a sweetheart. She has brought such joy into my life.

4/07/10- Campobello, SC

I wanted to let you know that Riley is great.  He is such a little snuggler, he loves to be held and follows us around wherever we go.  The
kids just love him. He is definitely a mama's boy.  He sleeps all night in a crate next to our bed.  Potty training is going pretty well, only a few accidents, we are still using paper for when we are gone. Riley weighed 3.4 lbs at 3 months old. "He is definitely a mama's boy."

4/04/10- Shawsville, Va

"Freddie is doing perfectly. He is healthy and well formed."

Hello to you in SC. Freddie is doing perfectly. He is up to 2.8 lbs at 12 weeks old. Vet, several, is happy with him. They say he is healthy and well formed. He is alert and smart. My husband puts phone on speaker every day so Freddie can hear me. He cocks his head and wags his tail at my voice. He is almost potty trained on the outside. He drags his toys all to the kitchen on a rug. That is his special place.

4/03/10- Anderson, SC

4/03/10- Chester, SC

Hey I just wanted to let you know that we got home with no problems. We stopped once because he had to potty and then he was ready to go. He warmed up to us really quickly. I showed him his little bedand he went to it on his own later and went to sleep. I thought that was so cute. Thanks again, he's perfect.

4/02/10- Pickens, SC

4/02/10- Mount PLeasant, SC

3/31/10- Spartanburg, SC

3/27/10- Townville, SC

3/12/10- Central, SC

Just wanted to let you know Romeo is doing just fine! We went to the vet, he weighed in at 2.5 pounds. Thank you so much, we are enjoying him.

3/06/10- Pendleton, SC

He is so great... He loves people and loves playing with bigger dogs! He has quite the personality! Thanks so much- he is a doll!

2/28/10- Piedmont, SC

I just wanted you to know Fabio is doing great ,And he is so Smart !!! And I never knew a pup so little can have so much attitude!!! He has this thing now that he started yesterday that if kids give him a certain look like a mean look he will give them a little playful bark "Like why you looking at me like that" it hilarious!! As soon as I come home from wrk he runs circles around me and bounce on two legs for me to pick him up ...I wouldnt trade him for nothing!!  Thank you.

2/25/10- Taylors, SC

2/25/10- Taylors, SC

".... Everyone thinks they are so adorable, as they are."

2/24/10- Charleston, SC

"Tiny is such a bundle of joy! Thank you again !"

2/10/10- Kannapolis, NC

"I am amazed at how smart and sweet Vegas is to be only 7 weeks old."

2/05/10- Union, SC

1/28/10- Drayton, SC

"If he whimpers even once everybody runs to get him and he winds up in my bed. Spoiled?.YES!!"

Its been awhile, but we adopted and took Mambo home in Jan. 2010. Mambo is doing great and is a wonderful, much loved, SPOILED member of the family. He is 1 yr old and 7 pounds. Enjoy the pics. Thank you for spreading the joy with your puppies.