****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Puppy love with new owners in 2011...

12/30/11- Charlotte, NC

12/30/11- Charlotte, NC

12/24/11- Williamston, SC

12/23/11- Winston Salem, NC

how are you???? yes Milo is so precious he is so playful and loves to take things and run with them!!! he is still using the puppy pad from day one!!! everybody cannot believe how smart he is!!!! they said he did good with his grooming on Sat!!! Bria has him soooooooooooo spoiled he will hang with me but when she comes home it is like i don't even exist!!!! lol he weighs 6.2 pounds and I am still feeding him the same thing you did!!!! We try to take good pictures of him but he is always turning his head!!! lol once again thank you thank you thank you for making me and bria complete again!!! MUAH!!!!

12/23/11- Travelers Rest, SC

12/23/11- Lexington, SC

I am writing to tell you what a joy our new pup has been and will continue to be for the family.  My mother in law was more than surprised; she buried her face in her hands and cried for a good 10 seconds before taking him out of my hands.  We named him Big Papi (after #34, David Ortiz from the Red Sox, our favorite team!) and call him Papi.  It fits perfectly.  He was a little skiddish and inactive that first day and the vet advised that we supplement his food with a tiny drop of vitamin/nutrient paste so we did and he loves it.  By the econd day, he was eating, sleeping (a lot!) and still hasn’t had any accidents!  He whines before he has to go to the bathroom and that gives us time to get him outside or on the puppy pad.  We couldn’t be more pleased with him and thank you for the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful little boy.  Please let me know if you ever need a reference or a testimonial letter and I will happily provide one for you.  Take care and good luck with all of the pups, they are lucky to have you!

12/18/11- Huntersville, NC

Her new name is Tinkerbell.  We call her Tink. She is eating very well we have switched her to Royal Canin puppy and she loves it. She is sleeping through the night with no problems now.  I think at first she would wake up and be lonely. My daughter has her in her room beside her bed and she knows that she is there so she doesn't cry or whine at all anymore.  My daughter carries her everywhere and I have to remind her that she does have legs and would probably like to get down and run a little.  She is just so in love with her that she will not let anyone else hold her or play with her. She is getting along great with our other dog.  He is so much bigger than her, but seems to know she is a baby and he is so delicate with her.  It is cute to watch him play tug of war with her.  He won't pull on the toy much.  It is amazing how he knows to be careful with her.  I knew she would fit right in and we would all love her. Thanks for checking in.   I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!

12/17/11- Hilton Head, SC

12/13/11- Inman, SC

12/01/11- Simpsonville, SC

11/22/11- Boiling Springs, SC

Hey, he is doing great, He loves to be in someones lap, and he is sleeping in his crate at night.  And we named him cuddles :)

11/18/11- Charlotte, NC

11/19/11- Birmingham, Alabama

Ash is doing great he is so smart and funny.  Big now, almost 5 pounds. He keeps me busy tho, great addition to family. I will sent more pics soon.

Thanksgiving was great, hope yours was great as well. He is doing great with adjusting and I am in love with him as well as everyone else in my house. He gets upset when he has to get in his crate for bed, so we haven't been sleeping much lately. lol Trying to do the puppy pad training, since I still do not allow him to go outside, slowly but surely its coming along. Like you said it wont happen over night. I took him for puppy grooming last week, that went well, I just didn't want to leave he there that long, it took about 3 hours!

11/09/11- Charlotte, NC

Hi Nancy, I just wanted to update you about Ozzy. He is doing well.  It has been a very crazy couple of weeks. Hope you are well.

10/21/11- Spartanburg, SC

10/21/11- Spartanburg, SC

10/14/11- Norfolk, Va

10/05/11- Inman, SC

9/25/11- Charleston, SC

9/23/11- Spartanburg, SC

9/15/11- Greenville, SC

9/11/11- Columbia, SC

9/08/11- Greenville, SC

Vet check went great on Friday. No issues.  Potty training going GREAT, only one accident,on Thursday,(the first hour in house) after that he has been going outside and sleeping almost all night. YEAH!  We LOVE him!  We are truly blessed with Enzo and Issabella.... they are wonderful. Thank you and take care.                                                    P.S.  Looking forward to another puppy in the future!

9/08/11- Dearing, Ga

9/05/11- Bowersville, Ga

Nancy, I just wanted to update you on our puppy. We finally named her Hattie and already love her!! My husband forgot that he "didn't want a puppy"! She is the sweetest thing and absolutely adorable! My whole family has fallen in love with her. She sleeps through the night and "potty training" has been a breeze so far. Super smart and sooooo sweet! Thank you for my precious puppy!!

9/02/11- Greer, SC

7/29/11- Gaffney, SC

7/21/11- Pelzer, SC

She was awesome!  She slept all night and did not make a sound...  I am a little worried about her because she will not eat or drink.  I am hoping its because of the change...I am taking her to vet this afternoon.  I will let you know what they say.

 Hey Nancy - First off we changed her name to MACI... she just did not look like a Dixie to me, so can you change it on your website.  Ok the vet visit seemed to go good.  No worms, but they did find Ear Mites.  So you may want to check your animals for them.  Other than that she is doing great.  Alot more playful and very smart.  We love her to death.

7/16/11- Simpsonville, SC

7/15/11- Charlotte, NC

Glad we saw you today! Thanks for J (that's what we will call him for now) lol he's already worth a million dollars!! He is SO passive, did great with his first bath at home, and is in his crate knocked out sleep under his blanket lol

Kyze has yet to realize it's his puppy lol he remembers it every few hours and gets all giggly haha. We shall see how it goes, I will keep you posted!!

Ps it was also good to see Larry too, still such a nice looking nice man, just like I remembered!!  

    Awww Kyze just woke up and immediately started looking under the bed for "jay-j" lol (that's what Will wants to name him smh). He's finally understanding that he has a puppy lol. We love him so much, I think Will loves him the most bc Jay-J is always under him plus he's already a good pup, I actually got credit for being a good dog picker haha!! He has had 0 accidents so far :) And pottys outside everytime.

7/09/11- Kannapolis, NC

7/08/11- Spartanburg, SC

7/07/11- Marietta, SC

Hey Nancy.  Just wanted to let you know that Sasha is doing great.  She is eating and drinking good and very, very playful.  Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family

7/06/11- Greenville, NC

7/04/11- Simpsonville, SC

Vito is doing great.  He is our little precious boy and we can't spend enough time with him. Thank you!

He is beautiful. He goes back to the doctor wed. for his second set of shot. Will keep sending you pictures of him as he grows.

7/03/11- Spartanburg, SC

Very spoiled.. he cries when I walk away. Sleeps in my bed. I love him.

7/02/11- Charlotte, NC

7/01/11- Greenville, SC

7/01/11- Charlotte, NC

7/01/11- Spartanburg, SC

6/26/11- Charleston, SC

6/21/11- Inman, SC

6/21/11- Taylors, SC

Dear Nancy, Maya is doing very well. When we first got her home she would not eat or drink anything and she still wouldn't throughout the night. In the morning we took her to the vet and he said that she had some low blood sugar. We put honey on her gums and she got better. He also gave us some can food that she loves and still seem to prefer it over the dry food. She did have ear mites, but we are cleaning those up with drops every day. She is very playful and sleeps a lot! She looks like she is going to be a great puppy, companion, and friend.

6/21/11- Myrtle Beach, SC

I just wanted to let you know that I have a name for my new puppy...Canda..(inside family name) haha! It fits him. He is doing great...He has gone to the bathroom and loves to run around outside. he is sooo fast! He is learning his new name. He hasn't eaten a lot but he is drinking water, a little at a time.

He did good in the car. I am taking him to the vet today at 2:30.
I went to bed last night around 11 and he was in his crate and did not wake up until 5a.m. and then cried to go to the bathroom. He is very smart and so sweet!
Thank you so much..I can see adding a brother or sister very soon!

6/19/11- Wilmington, NC

Tonka is doing great. He had he's vet check up this past week which he passed w/ flying colors. We could not be happier. Thank you very much.

6/18/11- Columbia, SC

Puppy has been names Romeo - he is such a lovable little thing that she thought that name was appropriate (he seems to like it to)

6/18/11- Greenville, SC

6/17/11- Spartanburg, SC

6/14/11- Saint George, SC

He is beautiful. He goes back to the doctor wed. for his second set of shot. Will keep sending you pictures of him as he grows.

6/10/11- Cherryville, NC

Hi Nancy! Hope you are doing well. We took Maddie in for her 9 week vet visit and second round of shots. She is very healthy and happy! Thanks again!

6/06/11- Hanahan, SC

6/02/11- Spartanburg, SC

5/31/11- Greenville, SC

I wanted to let you know that Nico had a great night last night.  He actually slept thorough the night and did not cry.  He truly is so sweet.  He did get a little car sick but was fine once we got home.  We bought him a toy that he loves already. It’s so much fun watching him play with it.  I hope to have some pics posted later today on Facebook.

I am now getting around to getting some pics of Nico posted. It's been over a year now and I'm getting around to it now. Super Busy!! But I have to tell you that he is the most sweetest and loyal puppy ever. He keeps me company all the time on these sleepless nights. I call him "My Old Man" because he seems to have this old soul. It's hard to explain. He's been up the East Coast and even to Canada with us. Will be at Disney with us in December. He travels very well. He also thinks he can have relations with my neighbor's very big, big dog, who is a girl, and I keep telling him no but he doesn't listen but she indulges him since she knows he's way smaller than him. LOL. I will post some pics soon of the trouble he got himself into while trying to get through the fence to go play with her. Lets just say, the clay turned him orange. Needless to say, his vet told me to consider getting him fixed. His dominating of his toy giraffe at first was cute when he was a few months old. It stopped for a few months and then started back up two weeks ago and lasted about a week. I felt like it was my child I was watching and it was not cute. LOL! He is very spoiled rotten. His vet said I needed to fatten him up a little since he's only at 5 lbs but like any kid, he is a picky eater and when he gets too much treats and the extra good food (Caesar Filet Minion and others in that line) he refuses to eat his dried food. But for 5lbs, he is an eater and he's long and he plays so much that I think he just burns it all off. But he was worth every penny. Trying to convince my husband to let us get another one as a companion for him. Hopefully it won't be another 10yrs before he says "yes".

5/28/11- Brooklyn, New York

Katya did well last night. She and jax slept almost all night. They are becoming great friends and played a little while this morning. Thanks for two perfect puppies.

5/27/11- Clifton, SC

5/26/11- Cowpens, SC

Doozle update:  He is doing great.  He loves our cat and wags his tail when he sees him.   Today was his first day home all day by himself.  I came home at lunch and checked on him, but he did great.  He is eating like a little pig and loves ice.  He is on the sofa with me sleeping.  We played for about 20 min. outside and poor little thing is exhausted.

5/24/11- Lyman, SC

she is so sweet and cute. She loves her new home and famliy.

5/23/11- Spartanburg, SC

5/20/11- Columbia, SC

Mattie is doing great! She seems to be doing a lot better than Nova did her first couple of nights. She's gone right to sleep, was eating and drinking a lot the first day, and is super playful. She's been following all of us around and messing with Nova all day haha.

5/16/11- Charlotte, NC

Hello Nancy! how are you doing? Rockie and I are doing well! Today we went to the Vet. Everyone fell in love with him! He weighs 1.4lbs, a lil less then what he weighed before i left your house, 1.7lbs. He eats and drinks now, should i be concerned? They checked his stool and said it was negative. They also did a full exam and everything came back normal, no problems or issues. They chose to restart his vaccine series. I couldn't remember if you said they were done by you or by a vet. I assumed it was by you since you said he had never rode in the car before. I apologize if that wasn't true. He also received a treatment for ticks/fleas. He did very well, no crying or anything! He is such a good boy! i am very proud of him!! Just wanted to keep you posted!!

5/05/11- Greer, SC

5/05/11- Charlotte, NC

3/05/11- Augusta, Ga


We are doing great!  We love the new puppy ! She is playful and healthy.  I can tell she has been very well cared for!  She loves to be held and loved and is a little spoiled!  We have named her CoCo.  
The vet said she looked great... 
thanks again for everything!!

2/25/11- Simpsonville, SC

2/25/11- Easley, SC

Hank is doing well.  He is such a cute dog and he has a great personality.  Everybody loves him.

2/17/11- Fort Mill, SC

She weighs 2 lbs 4 oz and my daughter Megan adores her!!!

2/15/11- Salley, SC

2/25/11- Simpsonville, SC

Nancy, I would like to send a warm thanks for your love and care you gave our new pup (jaxx). You do amazing work with these dogs! Thanks for everything!!!!

2/12/11- Charlotte, NC

2/11/11- Charlotte, NC

2/09/11- Spartanburg, SC

Omg he did so well last nite  ---  no crying at all, he woke me up around 2:30 and needed to go potty and then went right back to sleep  --- Courtney is in love!!!!!!!!

1/09/11- Columbia, SC