****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Puppies leaving with new owners in 2012...

12/30/12- Spartanburg, SC

12/25/12- Columbia, SC

12/24/12- Spartanburg, SC

12/24/12- Spartanburg, SC

12/24/12- Inman, SC

Hi Nancy, I wanted to let you know that Jessie has officially obtained “Princess” status at the Gilbert household. She is doing great and we are so impressed how smart she is. She has had no “accidents” in the house although we have sometimes missed the opportunity to let her go on the paper/pads!! If she wasn’t so cute, maybe we would take a break from playing and let her go to the bathroom!! She is doing beautifully at night and goes right to bed for us. She is such a joy to all of us. We have praised you so much because I know you started her out on the right track.

12/24/12- Greer, SC

12/23/12- Huntersville, NC

11/24/12- Albemarle, NC

11/21/12- Lugoff, SC

We took Lilly to the Vet yesterday for a check up.  She weighed a whole 1 1/2 pounds!  She got dewormed and was given a vaccination for distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza.  Everyone fell in love with Lilly and I think they would have kept her if we would have let them.  

The vet asked for your information to pass on to clients so I left several of your card with her.  Maybe you will get some business as a result.

We take Lilly back in three weeks for another check up and I will let you know how that goes.

She did very well on the ride home from your house and we have been working on house training.  We are actually the ones being trained at this point but it will click with her in due time.  Lilly is eating and drinking well and slept in her crate all night last night.  She is a joy to have in our house and has everyone wrapped around her little paw!  My yorkie, Toby, is not very thrilled with her but we hope that, in time, he will come around.

11/17/12- Lincolnton, NC

Thought I'd give you a little update. Oakley's doing great. He's the smartest little guy. Hasn't had any "accidents" in the house today and only once yesterday. When he whines we know he wants to go outside and use the restroom. Oakley is so loveable and can not get enough of my 3 year old. Oakley wags his tail and jumps to give him kisses the second he walks into the room. Don't really see much need for a gate. Oakley will not step foot out of my living room unless it is to go outside. We couldn't be happier with our new family addition. Thank you.

11/17/12- Ash, NC

11/15/12- Benson, NC

Brody went to the vet on Saturday and he checked out fine. He weighed 1.2 pounds and was so good. He is doing great at pottying outside, still has an accident once in a while, but I'm impressed. He has a sweet personality and is a mommas boy. I have to take him back on Thursday for his parvo and distemper. The vet said something about giving him benadryl after his shots. Have you ever heard of that? anyway, love him so much already. He is so fun to watch play. I know a lady that may be calling you soon, she wants one like him. I told her he is one of a kind but that her puppy will almost be as cute as Brody. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

 Brody went to the vet for his final shots. He's 2.6 lbs. I can't believe how much joy he brings me every day!

10/28/12- Charlotte, NC

Bentley's doing great!! Hes sleeping in his crate at night and the vet says he looks great! Hes really playful and loves the leaves but hates the cold!! Ill post pics soon!

I wanted to give you an update on little Bentley!

He's the sweetest thing and I take him everywhere with me. He follows me around everywhere and doesn't like to be left alone. At night he has to see me while hes in his crate or he cries and cries.

He's going for his second round of shots tomorrow!

He's a healthy boy and loves to be held and playing! He loves to bite though (teething of course)!!

Thank you so much for my little prince!
       I feel so bad that I haven't emailed you any pictures of my little Bentley! I wanted to give you an update but pictures are soon to come-- he's crazy! love him, but he's crazy! He got his first haircut and hated it! He hates the sound of clippers and doesn't like to do much but play! He's getting neutered this week! I will definitely send you pictures soon!

Thank you for my little fluff ball!

10/27/12- Clemson. SC

9/30/12- Lyman, SC

Hey I just Rudy to the vet. He's perfectly healthy!!! He weighed in at 3.4. We are in love with our little man!! He's getting used to us and barking when we aren't paying him attention! How can he be spoiled in 24hrs???

9/23/12- Patrick, SC

9/23/12- Chesterfield, SC

9/22/12- Manning, SC

He is about 2 1/2lbs.  He is just wonderful and everybody loves him.  Bandit has a play date every day with the cockerpoo next door.  Her name is Lucy and is teaching him tricks.  Lucy can run very fast but Bandit can keep up with her.   Bandit is so much fun to watch and play with.  Training is going pretty good.  Still working on when he get up from a nap.  Lucy can hold a tennis ball on her nose and Bandit is trying to mimic her.  I just love Bandit so much.  Thank you.

9/21/12- Charlotte, NC

9/09/12- Inman, SC

8/22/12- Greenville, SC

8/22/12- Greenville, SC

8/13/12- Columbia, SC

8/11/12- Spartanburg, SC

8/11/12- Spartanburg, SC

8/11/12- Spartanburg, SC

8/11/12- Simpsonville, SC

8/09/12- Spartanburg,  SC

8/07/12- Goose Creek, SC

Today we took Charlie to his8 week exam and he weighed 2 pounds. The vet said he was very healthy and that he was a very good boy. He didn't even cry when he was getting his shot, he was just annoyed when they were cutting his nails lol. We are very happy with him. Potty training is going great. He is a very very smart doggie. We couldn't be more grateful!! Thank you so much!

8/07/12- Lake City, SC

8/06/12- Mauldin, SC

Just wanted to give you an update on little Jilly. She was so calm the whole car ride home and no car sickness, I was amazed! She was extremely excited when we got home and is already chasing after our other yorkiepoo, Jack. She slept through the whole night without making a peep but was bright eyed annd bushy tailed this morning, ready to play at 5:00! I'm so excited to have her and wanted to say a big thank you, again!

8/04/12- Buford, Ga

8/04/12- Indian Trail, NC

7/30/12- Florence, SC

7/29/12- Grayson, Ga

7/27/12- Greenville, SC

7/27/12- Spartanburg, SC

Just wanted to let you know that Sophie is doing well. She waits for my daughter every morning at the same spot on the foot of the couch and starts looking up the stairs to see if my daughter is coming. She is almost completely housebroken and is adjusting well. She gets along with our little man but knows she is the Queen. I look forward to many years together. She is a doll baby.

7/05/12- Mount Holly, NC

6/30/12- Spartanburg, SC

6/22/12- Columbia, SC

6/21/12- Sumter, SC

6/21/12- Clemson, SC

I just want to give you a first day update on Paris, so much has been
going on! Well she did good on her very first car ride, no car
sickness yay!!!! She had her first doctor's appt, everything went
well. Except she does have a parasite, so my poor baby has to take
medicine for the next 9 days! But her booster shots will start next
week, so fingers crossed. But other than that everything is fine.(=
She played outside for an hour and had her first experience with small
children, she did great! Everyone seems to love her. She only cries
when she doesnt see us, but as long as we are around she is fine. She
goes on the her training pad, and is already showing us how smart she
is! Now she is fast asleep on her bed, today has been an eventful day!
Thanks so much for this perfect edition to our family!

6/16/12- Suffolk, Va

6/10/12- Easley, SC

6/02/12- Charleston, SC

6/02/12- Whitehall, Pennsylvania

6/02/12- Whitehall, Pennsylvania

6/01/12- Florence, SC

5/27/12- Boiling Springs, SC

5/25/12- Greenville, SC

Just thought it was time for an update on Bentley . He was 2.2 pounds at the vet last Friday, finally hit 2 pounds! He got his 3rd distemper/parvo vacc, kennel cough vacc, and his first nail trim! He was a brave little guy! Potty training is going okay, we've been training him to a potty pads and he only has mistakes every now and then, hopefully we can take it to going outside eventually. And he LOVES being outdoors, he has a blast when he goes to my parents in their big back yard with their 2 chihuahua's. For a 2 pound dog I don't know where all that energy comes from but he is wild! Always running around and wanting to play. His first beach trip is going good too, he loves the sand but not to crazy about the ocean water. He loves all the people that stop to pet him and talk to him, i hope he stays like that! I held him in the pool with me this morning and he seemed to like it! He swam a little for the first time too lol. He's brought me so much joy and I love him so so much!! I couldn't have picked a better puppy!

 Hey nancy! Though it was time for another update on Bentley, it's been a while! He finally hit 4 pounds, he was 4.01 Saturday! I wasn't sure if he'd hit 4 or not lol. He's wild and super playful, and the sweetest dog ever! He loves everyone he meets especially kids even tho he's a little cautious around them at first lol. He loves* tearing up things, such as my notecards and school papers when he can get to them (he's so cute I can't be mad at him for long lol) I found he's terrified of the leaves on the ground for some reason, it's funny but hopefully he'll get use to them. I've said it before but he's brought me so much joy! I just love him to death, he goes everywhere with me if dogs are allowed. It took kelby a while to warm up to him but I even find kelby asleep cuddling with him sometimes! lol I'm so thankful I found you because my little baby means the world to me!

5/19/12- Simpsonville, SC

She is such a good girl! We are loving having her here.

5/19/12- Fort Mill, SC

5/12/12- Charlotte, NC

Deuce is doing great! He made the ride home well and the vet says that he looks good.. We go back in three weeks for more boosters. He weight 2 pounds.. He slept throught the night and contiues to do so... I'm changing his dog food and so far so good... Thank you for taking great care of him!

5/11/12- Pickens, SC

Hey just wanted to let you know we took Prince for his first vet visit yesterday. He weighs 2.6lbs and healthy. Update on Prince he is doing great. We gave him his first bath tonight he didn't care for it to much...lol He goes back to the vet the week of June 13 for booster shots. We are working on teaching him to sit for a treat and he is doing pretty good at this trick but he loves his treats. He will be going on his first vacation to Florida in July and we all can't wait. He is a joy to our family we just love him so much!!!!

5/08/12- Boiling Springs, SC

5/07/12- Norfolk, Va

5/04/12- York, SC

5/02/12- Simpsonville, SC

4/14/12- Portsmouth, Va

Hey Nancy!! Update on Laila: Second visit to the vet and she is now weighing 4 lbs. She's such a happy and loving puppy. She got a little bald spot in her head which I or the vet knows where it came from; it's not mites though. Overall, she is doing awesome. She loves to play outside and is a little bit of a tom boy. LOL I'll keep you posted, take care!!

 Hi Nancy! Laila is six months old now and she is such a joy to have around. She loves to chew on towels and loves her toy rhino, Bruno. She wakes up pretty early still, but we are managing. Thank you for my little furry bundle of joy.

4/06/12- Spartanburg, SC

Hey Nancy!
Just wanted to let you know Bellah is doing great! Can't believe we just got her a week ago today! Amazing what she has learned in a week? She hops around on all four, it's so cute. She and Bentley are doing great together! Will send pictures soon, when I learn how, Lol

4/03/12- Lyman, SC

4/01/12- Charleston, SC

3/31/12- Cowpens, SC

Hey Nancy,

Bella is doing fantastic!  I wish you see her & our other dog, pinky playing!  I took Bella to Dr. Grant Monday…  She had a great checkup!  Taking her back for her 3rd set of booster shots April 10th…  We love her so much!  Potty training is going really good!  She is so smart!  I am using the bell method, (hang bells from the door) we ring them every time we go out.  By the 5th day she was going to the door & ringing the bell to go outside!  Wow!  She is so sweet!  When we get a camera I will send you some pictures!  She is such a blessing to our family! 

3/30/12- Simpsonville, SC

Update on Jewels. She is doing fine I took her to the vet yesterdayand she is 2lbs and they gave her a shot and something for worms. she is so much fun. I love it she is trained on the paper. The boys love her.Thank you so much.

3/30/12- Charlotte, NC

We made it home safe & sniffing out new surroundings.
I was so excited to get him that I forgot to ask about his routine.
What are his feeding times? How much?
We are so in love with him already.  Thank you again.

He had great appointment for his shots, he is at 3lbs.
Thank you for breeding an AMAZING puppy! We love him a TON

He is 13 weeks old & just perfect. Even when he forgets my hands aren't teething toys. After my Diablo passed I didn't think I would ever find a dog to fill my heart with so much love. Capone has definitely proven me wrong. I love him tons.

 After his first bath rolling on floor.
There just aren't enough words how happy he has made Jimmy & I
Thank you,

3/16/12- Chesnee, SC

3/16/12- Charlotte, NC

3/11/12- Lancaster, SC

He is doing great once he got settle in. Thanks for asking and his name is bear. He is so playful and I love him to death. Thank you so much.

3/10/12- Silver Spring, Maryland

I just want to update you about Shadow. We've been on the road all day heading back to Maryland. He handled the trip very well, a lot better than we thought. Of course, we had to make stops so he could eat and go to the bathroom. We figured out that he loves for the air to be on when he's riding. Once it was on, he pretty much slept through the entire trip. He's eating well and getting plenty of sleep. I hope this puts your mind at ease. I hope everything is going well on your end. I'll be in touch soon. And thank you again. This means more to us than you know. Shadow is doing absolutely wonderful. He definitely acts like a baby, but he has these moments when he acts like he's in charge of everything lol. It is so precious. He has really made himself at home with us, keeping us on our toes. Oh, and he found his voice last night. He will just be sitting there, and all of a sudden, he will start barking and growling for no reason lol. It's the cutest thing. He is definitely a little character. Now, I'm in the process of potty training him, which is very diffeicult since he's so small. But, I'm determined to do it. Also, I followed the link to become a member of your site. I can't wait to hear when the next batch is on the way. SO EXCITED!    Guess who lol. I hope all is well with you and the babies. I'm sure they're doing very well in your care. Just to update you; Shadow is doing very well. He's actually picking up potty training quicker than we thought. He's eating and sleeping well. However, I'm a little worried about his mood. He was doing well once he got here. He was playing, running around, having a ball. He's even enjoying his little voice he found. Just going around barking at everything lol. Now, he just seems sad all the time and he's having trouble going to the bathroom. I'm not sure what's wrong with him. I'm hoping it's just the medicine that has him in a bit of a funk. His last day on the medicine is next Monday. So, I'm hoping he'll return to his old self once he's finished with it (fingers crossed). On another note, I've noticed that Cagney's litter is due next Tuesday. My sister has decided she definitely wants one. So, I'm wonering if I could put a hold on one of them, preferably a male. And if so, will I need to send you the deposit once you put him on hold? I understand that it'll be like 8 weeks before I can get him. I just want to give my sister enough time to get the things she needs and get her place ready. I would really appreciate it if you could. And if not, it's completely fine. We can just wait until they reach a certain age before I can have one put on hold. Again, we appreciate the precious baby you gave us. We are absolutely enjoying him. 

3/10/12- Spartanburg, SC

3/08/12- Spartanburg, SC

3/07/12- Inman, SC

terry has been bragging, people hv asked what he got for his BD and sayd " A Puppy" with a smile.....that makes me happy

Dudley,  newest member to our family- he went to the beauty parlor for the 1st time this past saturday and did soooo good........thought I’d share with ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you have a great week !! 

 dudley is doing great....we left him with mom/dad while we went on vacation and i will not do that again.....but house training had worked - he goes to the back door and waits on us to take him out....we know when he is ready...gosh he is such a sweet baby...and we love him soooo much !!!!

3/03/12- Chesapeake, Va

3/02/12- Effingham, SC

We got a yorkiepoo from Nancy this past March. We are tickled with our new baby. she was healthy when we got her and her health has been superior to this tme. She is a sweet little girl, very smart and is getting along with her sisters. Just wanted to say thank you Nancy for such a well bred puppy and your wonderful services.

Ali is the best and smartest puppy. She is now 4lbs and is as sweet as we could ever ask.

3/02/12- Greer, SC

3/02/12- Greenville, SC

3/02/12- Belmont, NC

Wylie's doing wonderful, eating. Cried the first night but last night cried two times, but had to use the bathroom when I got him out....we are all in love. He used bathroom outside also and on paper inside the house. He will be easy to train. Let's me know when he wants something by whinning or short barks. Got his second round of shots Friday, vet says he's good. Everywhere we go, people want to eat him up! thanks so much!

2/16/12- Inman, SC

2/03/12- Chesnee, SC

1/29/12- Greenville, SC

1/28/12- Pelion, SC

We named her Bay Bay, and she has a vet visit on Wednesday. She is very loved and spoiled already. She is playing great with the kids and trying to bark, it is so cute. The first night she didn't eat, but the second day she started to nibble and now she is eating really good. She still is not used to going out to do her business, she just wines and shakes. I figured after a month of taking her out she will get used to it. I bought her a carrier yesterday for the vet visit and I made her a small pillow to go inside. I got her a shirt for when I take her outside, I don't think she likes it, but she will have to get used to it so she doesn't freeze when she is out. Oh, and I bought her more toys yesterday. I am just so excited and can not wait until it gets warm ,so she and the kids can run outside and play. She is GREAT and we love her so much.

Just got home from the vet and they said she was doing great.  She weighs 2 lb 2 ounces. I didn't think she was that big because she looks so tiny. They wormed her again, gave her  9 weeks shots, and trimmed up her nails. She did pretty good at the vets office, she whined a little but it did take a little while there.  She is happy to be home and is playing now. Thanks again for suck a wonderful puppy.
Bay Bay is doing great. It is so hard to get a good picture of her right now she is only still when she is sleeping. She is wonderful. She is starting to bark a little. When someone is walking through the house and she doesn't see them she will bark at them. It is so cute. Went to the vet yesterday and had her 12 weeks check up and shots. She is 2 lbs and 15 ounces.
She will go back to the vet in 3 weeks and I will send you another update then to let you know how big she is. I still can not believe she is almost 3 lbs. She is such a sweetheart, everyone loves her so much.

1/26/12- Greenwood, SC

1/26/12- Moncks Corner, SC

  Hey Nancy -just a quick follow up on Abbie and Sophie--
They are doing great and we love them them so much!!!
We took them to the Vet. last week and they both weighed
2 pounds. They both got their DAPP vaccine.
Danny (my husband) took the girls back over to PetSmart today to get
an exercise pen for them to play in without getting away lol!! They are so
so much fun to watch together. Of course they like to play fight, but are too funny
chasing each other. I will try to get it on video and download it for you. Everyone
at PetSmart that saw them loved them and thought they were so cute!! Of course
we told them that we knew where they could get one of their very own. Hope you are doing well.
Thanks again.

1/26/12- Moncks Corner, SC

1/25/12- Florence, SC

1/23/12- Murrels Inlet, SC

Hello Nancy, We just wanted you to know sweet Gracie is home with us. She traveled great considering the pouring rain, interstate bridges and big trucks! She did not get sick and seems to be adjusting well to her new home and Mom and Dad. (We each drove half way so the other could hold Gracie.) We will keep you updated on how she is doing. Thank you for all you did for Gracie and all you do for all of us! We are so excited and love her so much already...Good Morning, Nancy, Gracie did good last night sleeping with Bill in the recliner. HA! We will cross that "sleeping together bridge" when we cross it.  She is eating well, drinking well and actually used the potty outside today.       

  Gracie weighed a whopping 1lb.12oz. and checked out great. She is adjusting so well here we are truly amazed!! I will send pictures later today. I hope you have a good day and the sun is shining at your house too. It's 70 degrees here! Take care and we will certainly keep you updated on Gracie's life at the beach!

    Hello Nancy, Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Gracie at her new home. She loves being outside and chasing leaves. She is doing great. She is sleeping in her crate all night and going to the potty outside. She loves playing with all her new chew toys and checked out great at the Vet for her shots today. Thank you for all you did for her and for us. I know you get a lot of messages, Bill and I just wanted to let you know how proud we are of our Amazing Gracie and how well she is doing adjusting to her new surroundings. We can't imagine our life without her after only a week. Thank you again. (I will keep up with your website and try to control wanting another one of your precious puppies. HA!) Gracie sends lots of kisses to you....

1/22/12- Boiling Springs, SC

1/13/12- Florence, SC

Hi Nancy!  How have you been?  We have been good, Spooky is just fine.  You should see him, I swear he thinks he is a rabbit!  He has his ears
straight up and bounces on all 4 feet.  he's a whopping 15 ounces now!  He's been to the vet 2 times, the last time they found a parasite that they
gave us medication for.  Since then, his poop has been solid.  Seems it was solid every other day before.  Also we have given him a taste of human
food as a treat, and like all dogs he now would much rather eat steak than puppy food.  Lol.  Probably shouldn't have given him that, but he is just
spoiled rotten!  We are considering another Yorkipoo as a companion.  An unrelated female.  Do you possibly have some coming up in the next few

First i want to wish you a happy birthday. You are one day after mine! Second i cant thank you enough. I bought spooky from you 6 years ago this November, however he was so small you thought he would perish. I got him after 14 weeks, Nancy Kuehne Fowler monitered him constantly, and he made it! I thank you always for your commitment to your babies, and i especially thank you for the extra mile you went for Spooky! Im not sure I would be who i am today without him.