****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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     Sweet puppy love happens in 2013...

12/28/13- Westminister, Maryland

Hi Nancy!  We were calling him Tiny Puppy so we shortened it to Tippy. He is very cute and quite a big boy. He weighed 4.4lbs two weeks ago at his vet visit! Anyway, we all adore him and are so pleased to have him in our family! I was looking at your site tonight, trying to figure out what he might look like when he grows up. His muzzle is getting a bit lighter. He seems to look more like his mommy right now. It doesn't matter, he's totally perfect, I am just curious and a bit bored with the Super Bowl.

10/19/13- Alexandria, Va

10/13/13- Lackland, Texas

10/09/13- Boiling Springs, SC

Hello Nancy!!!!   Lexus is loved by us all!!   She has my husband wrapped!  �� she is the sweetest dog!

 Lexus IS the best investment we have made!  She has brought us SO much joy!!!!  When we get ready to add another we will get her/him from you!  We have been very happy that we got her from you!  Thank You for all you do!  You bless many people's families with the 4
Legged babies!!!  Have a great summer!!!
God Bless You!!

10/07/13- Macon, Ga

I was just giving you an update on Zoey. The trip on the way home went great. We took her to the vet yesterday and she is healthy and weighs two pounds. Shes eating great and having a ball in the yard playing and running around! Ill post some pictures on facebook soon! Thanks so much!

10/01/13- Lexington, SC

Hey Nancy! Just wanted to let you know that "Sophie" went to the vet today and is doing great!! Sophie is now completely spoiled rotten and we love her dearly!! Thanks again for everything!!

9/30/13- Greenville, SC

Hello Nancy! I finally named my little one. Her name is Autumn. She has been a very good girl. She went to the vet today weighing 1.8 pounds and took her vaccine without a sound, like a champ! Thanks again!

9/28/13- Cornelius, NC

Bear is already part of the family!! Snoozing on the couch with his
brother!! He didn't cry once last night! He ate well this morning and
played and now taking a nap! We are in love!

9/28/13- Spartanburg, SC

We sure are having fun with Tux! The vet visit went well.

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy. Just thought I would let you know that Tux is doing great! He weighs just a little over 3 lbs now. We sure do love him.

He is growing fast. He loves to watch for his daddy to come home. Silly boy.

Happy Thanksgiving Nancy. Just thought I would let you know that Tux is doing great! He weighs just a little over 3 lbs now. We sure do love him.

9/27/13- Hartsville, SC

She had a good first night! Her name is Sadie

9/27/13- Spartanburg, SC

Her name is Hallie, and she is doing great.   We have another inside small
dog and HAL-LEE just loves her and the vet check went very good

9/25/13- Warner Robbins, Ga
Hey Nancy! Just wanted to let you know Pepper is doing great! She was a perfect traveler on the way home...no car sickness or anything. She's been such a wonderful addition to our family and we are all absolutely in love with her. We went to Savannah on Saturday and about every 5 feet someone would stop me to pet her and look at her and ask me what kind on dog she is. Everyone adores her. She went to the vet today and weighed just over 2lbs. My oldest son thanks me everyday for getting a puppy! I will load some pics of her soon. I'm so glad we have her in our home!

9/18/13- Greenville, SC
I taught him to fetch and return tonight. It took about 15 minutes. Yes, he is only 8 weeks old today. Could be the smartest dog in the family.

9/14/13- Portsmouth, Va

9/14/13- Charlotte, NC

Hello Nancy,
     I'm happy to report that Bella is doing much better. She is more playful, and started eating the food the vet gave me on Wed. Today was another milestone, she actually ate the Purina and Blue food after I softened it. I'm so happy she is in my life.

9/14/13- Montgomery, Ala

9/13/13- Bethune, SC

9/13/13- Simpsonville, SC

 Layla is doing well.  She's such a spoiled baby.  I had no idea she could bring so much joy.  Thanks for her!!

9/02/13- Charleston, SC

9/01/13- Roebuck, SC

8/31/13- Union, SC
Took the baby to the VET today for her shots...she weighed a whopping 2lbs and 13oz lol!  

8/30/13- Yadkinville, NC
Just back from the vet. Deacon got a clean bill of healthy. He's so sweet. We love him. Thanks again for everything.

8/30/13-Rockhill, SC

Diesel lost his first tooth yesterday. He doing well he a hyper little boy and spoiled rotten but I love him

8/24/13- Cassatt, SC

8/24/13- Sumter, SC

Northman is healthy as can be. He weighs 3.1 lbs and I love him so much. He is so intelligent. He knows numerous tricks and I've even bell trained him to go outside. He loves people and thinks everyone wants to pet him. He isn't yappy at all. He is a ball of energy but chills with me as well. I don't think I could have asked for a better pup.

8/23/13- Boiling Springs, SC
Just thought I'd bring you up to date about Gimli.

He is wonderful!  I have never known such an intelligent little puppy.

He is about 75% pee pad trained.  He always comes when called and completely recognizes his name.

He already knows how to sit and "down" on command.  He even fetches his ball to be thrown again!

He is amazing.

8/20/13- Columbus, Ohio
Hi things went great at the vets. She got a bordatella by mouth, so far no sugar problems, make her rest after play, she does not like to be in the play pen,she wants out with everyone else. I'm taking her to Petsmart for grooming tomorrow. She is just so cute , I'm so glad I have her. Sylvia is just so cute. I can't believe the 3rd day I had her she jumped up on the kiddie condos i have and got up on the couch. She is fearless.

I forgot to tell you Sylvia climbed out of her play pen this morning p, scared me.
There is nothing that she can't do.

8/16/13- Fort Collins, Colorado
We made it home yesterday.  Mina is doing great. I am impressed with how well she is doing with potty training.  It has been stressful for her to be traveling so much but I expect she will settle in over the next few days. Thanks again and I will stay in touch with her progress.

8/08/13- Williamsburg, Va

Ust want you to know keon is doing good he has got really comfortable he is eating playing. Hes funny cause hell go to his bowl of food get one piece an run back to his bed eat it an he just keeps going back n forth till he is done eating its so cute..just want to update u on how. He is doing..

8/02/13- Jacksonville, NC

Hey Nancy,  I hope all 
Is well 😊 I want to thank you again for our
Little baby we actually named him Winston
Instead of Pierre he is doing great and he 
Is loved very much and spoiled rotten lol.

I have asked a few people if they were in
The market for a puppy and so far the answer
Is not currently.  In the future I may purchase
Another puppy from you so Winston can have
A play mate perhaps in December so please
Keep us on your email announcement. You
Have a blessed week my friend .🌾

8/02/13- Gaffney, SC

8/01/13- Concord, NC

7/28/13- Easley, SC

7/27/13- Winston Salem, NC

7/22/13- Gaffney, SC

7/19/13- Lexington, SC
Milly is doing great!  We have been busy getting into the routine of things and Milly has surely given us a lot to smile about. Milly will also be getting her first haircut soon so I will send some updated photos.  Thanks and we'll continue to give you updates.

7/06/13- Davidson, NC

7/03/13- Concord, NC

5/18/13- Greenville, SC

5/14/13- Fort Mill, SC
I hope you and all your new babies are doing great! Billy Elliot is such an awesome little guy. He is incredibly smart and cuddly. I will send pics soon. Everyone says he looks like a stuffed animal! 

I call him my blood pressure medicine:)
Take care.

5/11/13- Kannapolis, NC

5/07/13- Sumter, SC
I hope this email finds you well :)  I wanted to let you know that everyone has been asking us "where did we get this cute puppie from ?" Sebastein is like a movie star lol.  A lady named Barbara Dooley will be emailing you in regards to getting on this list for one of your yorkiepoos.  I met her and her beautiful family at Petsmart her children loved Sebastein so much they asked to take a picture of him :)
I just wanted to give you the heads up that she will be emailing you soon to be on your list. Have a blessed day and weekend.

Sebastein is loving his new home we totally love him and he knows it. I cannot thank you enough for him. He went to the vet and got a clean bill of health and will be getting his next shot next week. He only weighs one and a half pound.
I will keep you posted from time to time so you can know how he is doing. He is truly making me smile and laugh each day.  You take care and thank you again for my little precious pup.

5/05/13- Sumter, SC
Just wanted to let you know miss bailey had a great night! She didn't get sick or cry once on the way to Sumter and is so loving and loves to cuddle.She has even used the peepee pads every time she needed to go. I am having a hard time getting her to eat but hopefully the more she settles in she will eat more. Thanks so much for my perfect baby!!

 Just wanted to let you know Miss Bailey is doing wonderful her shots went well and she gained 5 ounces! She is so feisty and wonderful, I just wish we could get the whole potty training thing down! But she is perfect and I wouldn't trade her for anything, thank you for allowing me to have this little blessing!

5/01/13- Mooresboro, NC
I took her by the store Thursday and the all fell in love with her. Cindy was talking to me today and said she is interested in one. Cassie is so precious and I'm so thankful to have her. She is so much fun. I will continue to send people your way. Thanks. Hope you have a great week. She is so precious and we love her so much. She is already spoiled. Thank you so much for everything you done and I may have a lady interested in one of your future puppies. I will let you know. Again thanks so much. I will continue to keep you posted on her. We are on our way to the vet.

4/25/13- Mount Pleasant, SC
Just wanting to let you know that rytjus is settling in just fine. The first two nights he did cry inside his crate. Since then he has been doing much better. When he went to the vet he was 2.1lbs. Everything went well and everyone wanted to take him home:). 

Thank You,
Hello, hoping that everything is well for you and your business. We just wanted to give you an update on our baby boy Rytjus. He has completely taken over our hearts and our home. He even knows how to open doors now. He is doing fine health wise and weighs about 4.0lbs now. 

3/17/13- Spartanburg, SC
I took Ashton to the vet today.  They absolutely LOVE him.  They said that everything looks good.  He seems social and like he is adjusting well.  They gave him a dewormer AND a DA2PP shot.  He did well!

Ashton did not cry at all Saturday night, but he did cry all last night. He loves to cuddle and we bought him a doggie bed, some small balls and a squeaky lambchop toy that he loves! !!!

Everyone that has met Ashton since we got him, LOVE HIM.


3/06/13- Spartanburg, SC

3/03/13- North Augusta, SC

3/02/13- Columbia, SC

3/02/13- Chesnee, SC

3/01/13- Spartanburg, SC
He has eaten and drank some water .  Took a good nape .  Everything was fine at dr.  Thanks

2/24/13- Columbia, SC

2/23/13- Cowpens, SC

2/16/13- Irmo, SC

Took Ryson to the vet this morning for a check up and he is doing great! Everyone there loved him and thought he was sooo cute! He already weighs 2.43 pounds! We go back next week for shots

2/15/13- Rockhill, SC
Took Nick for his first checkup. He weighed in at 2.6 lbs. I changed his food last Monday to the Blue Buffalo and he loves that! Goes back in 4 weeks for next checkup and vaccinations. He's been a good boy. Can't believe I have had him for 2 weeks already.

2/15/13- Simpsonville, SC
Cooper had the most amazing first day with us! His day was busier than I intended, and we had a lot more visitors than I intended. He didn't seem to mind a bit! No shaking, no acting afraid. It's as if he has been here all along and was made for our family! He literally played all afternoon into the evening which was good because he was tired when bedtime came. He slept in his crate all night and did not even whimper! I couldn't believe it! He kept his crate clean with no accidents. He ate and drank this morning and is now playing with the kids as I type. He is such a joy and we are so thankful to have found him through you! I will keep you updated.

Tell Honey and Magic they made the smartest puppy ever! He is going to the door when he has to potty, he gladly uses his gravel potty spot and when I say "go potty!" He drops that tiny booty and goes! He loves to chill out in his crate. We leave the door open and he will go in and out when he wants. He knows where his food and water is. We are having the best time with him! He has made such a great adjustment. Better than I imagined:)

We had our first vet visit yesterday! Cooper is a healthy boy, weighing in at 2lbs 9oz. Cooper did great at the vet! It wore him out, so he came home and took a looonng nap:). No worms, will get his shots next week. He did have ear mites so we are treating those. Everyone loved him! There was another black toy poodle born in December that was there at the same time. The two looked like twins!He has learned to sit and ring the bells by the door to go outside...genius!

2/14/13- Sumter, SC
So Noelle is sleep...being watched over by Angel Renee....mmm...knowing the origin of the name, such a true statement!!

2/09/13- Edgemoor, SC
Today Marley is 9 weeks old. So proud of him. We have had him since Saturday and he knows how to sit, shake, and use the potty pad. Funny thing is he will use it for poop all on his own as far a peeing I have to catch him and put him on it. Very impressed with him, I'm starting to think I have a genius puppy.

2/04/13- Lancaster, SC

2/02/13- Boiling Springs, SC
Bitty Baby is the cutest dog in the world.  She also may be the smartest.  what a cuddler!   And she plays like a wild woman!  So precious!

2/02/13- Albany, Ga

2/01/13- Isle of Palms, SC
Bella is adjusting just fine.  Cries at night but less and less.  We just love her.  Thank you.

Thought you might like to see how happy and healthy Bella is, plus I had a few questions.  First I do not remember when you said she needed to go to vet.  Also is it normal for her face to be changing to gray, it looks like certain areas on her boby like down her back are starting to change.  Is this like a baby is the hair she has now just baby hair?  Will it fall out and new coarser hair come in?  Do you have any photos of an older puppy that had Latte as moter and Beau as father?  I would love to see some of their markings.  We are so enjoying Bella, she has brought nothing but happiness and laughter into our home.  Bella and my older dog Dixie play together constantly - very entertaining.  Having a little trouble getting her to poop outside but we are working on it.  Have a nice weekend.

Bella went to vet and groomers and was exhaused from her full day.  She is very healthy and is such a pleasure to watch her play with her older sister.
Grandchildren are coming in a few weeks - it will be interesting to see how she reacts to them.  Potty training is going great and her appetite is good.
Have a good week.
Bella is stil such a pleasure and gives us so much love. She turned one on Dedc. 13.  She loves being outside and loves her big sister.  They play together all day long.  Bella is still not much of an eater, but loves her treats.  Thanks again for giving us such a sweet tempered and lively little dog.
Hope all is well with you and your babies and that you all had  a wonderful Christmas and wish you and your famiy a Happy New Year. 
Bella is stil such a pleasure and gives us so much love. She turned one on Dedc. 13.  She loves being outside and loves her big sister.  They play together all day long.  Bella is still not much of an eater, but loves her treats.  Thanks again for giving us such a sweet tempered and lively little dog.

2/01/13- Columbus, NC
Thank you so much for calling last weekend and checking on our new puppy which we have named Toby! I am really bad about listening to messages and then forgetting, so I am sorry for just getting back to you. Toby is shaping up to be a good dog and potty training is going very well.  He whined a good bit for the first week or so - especially when we had to leave for work, but that has stopped now and he is getting used to our routine.  We really love him and enjoy playing with him each day.  I have attached a couple of pictures.  They are not the best since he is rarely still enough to snap a picture. Hope you are well and thank you for introducing us to our furry baby!

2/01/13- Mint Hill, SC
I kept telling myself I wouldn't fall in love with him! Every day gets worse lol I love him. 

2/01/13- Pickins, SC

1/31/13- Moore, SC

1/27/13- Winston Salem, NC

1/26/13- Spartanburg, SC
Noelle is basically puppy pad trained & knows sit. She is so smart! Getting very hard to get a picture of Noelle. She rarely stays still. lol...

1/26/13- Lexington, SC

1/26/13- Cassatt, SC
Just wanted to touch base with you. Jersey is doing great! He was a little shy starting off but he is warming up well. He has started jumping around and wanting to play. He had a vet visit on monday and is in A1 condition. We love him!!!

1/25/13- Inman, SC
Pebbles is doing great - she is one happy baby...she gets to come to the house and play with Dudley - they run and play outside too. I just wanted to give you an update.....she has been wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really ! ;)

1/25/13- Campobello. SC

1/18/13- Laurens, SC
We decided to name our puppy Eli.  He is doing great!