****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Happiness starts in 2015...

12/29/15- Florence, SC

12/26/15- Spartanburg, SC

12/12/15- Spartanburg, SC

12/04/15- Columbia, SC

11/28/15- Smyrna, Ga

I just wanted to let you know that we took Bongo to the vet today and he got a perfect bill of health. The vet was very impressed. 

He's been a wonderful puppy, the best I've ever had. He sleeps all night and has even started to understand potty training a little bit. Thank you again for such a great puppy. We will definitely keep you updated!
Nancy we can't thank you enough for this little joy. Happy Birthday to our baby boy that has brought us so much happiness. Happy 1st Birthday Bongo (and Louie, his brother)!!!

11/24/15- Greer, SC

11/20/15- Charlotte, NC

11/18/15- Spartanburg, SC

11/18/15- Inman, SC

Hi Nancy! Vet appointment went well! He did have tapeworms. They gave him medicine for that. Other than that, healthy, happy puppy! He is eating and drinking well and playing like crazy! He's so fun! He has taken more naps today and has gone potty outside several times. I think he's really starting to adjust to his new home!

11/18/15- Cornelius, NC

Thanks Nancy - Ruby was so good in the car going home and then at the vet for her check up.  She also did well last night with a couple of Pees and Poops outside and of course some in the laundry room on the floor.  We love her already!

Hi Nancy, She is a wonderful dog and we just love her to death. Thank you so much for breeding her.

10/14/15- Augusta, Ga

Yes they are bambam is very curious pebbles is a Lil more tod but she is getting more comfortable. Their eating up everything  and we have started potty training no accidents so far ... everyone has loved them so far.

11/14/15- Augusta, Ga

10/11/15- Charlotte, NC

10/10/15- Hendersonville, NC

9/12/15- Charlotte, NC

Hi! Her name is Faith and she is the sweetest little puppy in the world. She is adjusting to our family and her new home wonderfully. She had a great checkup with no issues at all. Thank you for providing such a sweet little puppy! She is the best birthday gift ever!!!

9/08/15- Spartanburg, SC

9/08/15- Union, SC

He is so precious and in my heart I know he was God picked for me.

9/08/15- Cumming, Ga

9/06/15- Richmond, Va

9/05/15- Charlotte, NC

8/23/15- Chesapeake, Va

8/23/15- Chesapeake, Va

8/22/15- Greensboro, NC

8/22/15- Greenville, SC

We went to the vet this morning.  She is 2.5 lbs and very healthy!  Got the next round of shots and started flea and tick treatment.  Got held a lot her picture taken several times. Thank you so much for breeding this precious gift and taking such good care of her. 

8/17/15- Alexandria, Va

8/07/15- Chicago, Illinois

7/29/15- Monroe, NC

7/28/15- Wahalla, SC

7/24/15- Kannapolis, NC

7/19/15- Evans, Ga

7/18/15- Mooresville, NC

7/16/15- Spartanburg, SC

7/13/15- Laurel, Maryland

7/12/15- Moore, SC

7/11/15- Greenville, SC

Hi Nancy,

Just got home from Jax vet visit. Hr weighs 3.55 pounds and was the hit of the party. He had 4 grown women fawning over him. He was negative for heartworm, but positive for ear mites. She gave me medication for him to get for 2 weeks and he received his kennel cough vaccination. Also gave me a tube of oral gel in case of hypoglycemia due to his size. He is set for his next set of booster shots next monday. Other than that he is a joy and I love him so much. He is taking a nap. Talk to you soon.

7/11/15- Knoxville, Tenn

7/09/15- Conover, NC

7/09/15- Simsonville, SC

7/05/15- Greensboro, NC

7/03/15- Spartanburg, SC

7/03/15- Roebuck, SC

7/03/15- Charlotte, NC

7/03/15- Roebuck, SC

7/03/15- Sumter, SC

6/15/15- Walhalla, SC

Heather is obsessed with him.  He follows her everywhere she goes.  Her grandmother loves him and watches him while she's at work.  He gets A LOT of attention.  She named him ruger.  She took him to the vet and he said that he's in good shape.  She is getting him fixed at 6 months.   Thanks so much for doing all you do for the animals to get great homes!!!

6/13/15- Simpsonville, SC

6/10/15- Columbia, SC

Hi Nancy!
Just wanted to give u an update on our little guy Knight! He is doing fabulous...I big 4.4 lbs now! Thanks again for bringing our Black Knight into our lives!

6/06/15- Goose Creek, SC

6/04/15- Gaffney, SC

5/29/15- Lyman, SC

Hey Nancy just wanted you to know that Wesson vet visit went great. He's doing really good. He's very sweet and we are just loving him. Hope all is good with you

5/17/15- Columbia, SC

5/08/15- Inman, SC

5/01/15- Charlotte, NC

4/01/15- Union, SC

3/26/15- Blacksburg, SC

3/23/15- Greer, SC

3/22/15- Charleston, SC

3/22/15- Fair Play, SC

3/13/15- Spartanburg, SC

3/06/15- Boiling Springs, SC

2/28/15- Charleston, SC

2/27/15- Boiling Springs, SC

2/27/15- Charleston, SC

2/21/15- Boiling Springs, SC

1/17/15- Draper, Va

She is soooo smart.  She always uses her puppy pads unless she is just too excited about chasing her cat siblings :)  Sweet, sweet baby and everyone who meets her loves her!  How coud they not love her?  RIght?

Thank you so much.  I do want to tell you this.  My husband has a guy (60s) who works for him.  He shows up periodically (about once a week) to see his niece, Divot.  He will knock on our door, walk past us to wherever she is, plot down in the floor, pick her up and begin to play with her, saying "I'm just here to see my niece for a few minutes; go on with whatever you were doing."  He cracks me up.

Hope you are having a fantastic spring!  Thanks again for this sweet little girl.  She makes my heart sing. 

Hey Nancy,


Just wanted to give you an update on Little Miss Divot.  What a personality!  She just goes with the flow, no worries.  I took her to the vet this morning.  They gave her a good bill of health.  She is up to a whopping 1.11 lbs. J


She has stolen everyone’s heart she has come in contact with.  Of course, Tony & I are so in love with her we can barely stand it.


I will post something in FB later today.  It is hard to do anything because all I want to do is sit and play with her.  Alas, there are other things I must do, so I will sign off for now, but wanted to say “thank you” again.

How are you doing, Nancy.  I understand life is about to get really busy again for you. I wanted you to know that Divot is the most amazing little girl.  She is soooo smart.  She brings joy to everyone she meets.  When she goes with me to work, she lays on her "blankie" and keeps me company while I work.  She is such a joy!

1/15/15- Chalotte, NC

1/11/15- Charlotte, NC