****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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      Puppies going to loving homes in 2016...

12/30/16- Greer, SC

12/09/16- Spartanburg, SC

ToTois doing great playing and runing having fun. Thanks to you I will always be gratful you might just be Santa for old people. Nancy our little boy is a mess. He has his nose in everything cute as a button. Make me smile. I do love him very much.

Please don't wait to get your new baby they are so much joy I promise you will laugh many times in a day! If you are looking for a sweetheart one of this babies will feel the spot!

12/09/16- Irmo, SC

11/28/16- Boiling Springs, SC

11/23/16- Greer, SC

11/19/16- Mauldin, SC

Molly went to vet this past Monday. She did have, intestinal parasites or Coccoid. She was treated, otherwise a clean  bill of health.
Molly is a bundle of energy and joy.


11/19/16- Simpsonville, SC

Sadie is just the cutest and most perfect addition to our family. Ps-
You can see we have started to explore going out in the yard.

Happy 1st birthday to Sadie Mae! She is spunky, cute and a whole lot of trouble but oh how we love her so! Happy 1st birthday to Sadie Mae! She is spunky, cute and a whole lot of trouble but oh how we love her so! We owe you a huge thank you for bringing this little fireball into our lives.

11/19/16- Pooler, Ga


Simpsonville, SC

Hi Nancy!  I just wanted to let you know that Toby had his vet appointment today and he checked out just fine as I thought he would.  He has been doing great!! He is such a sweet puppy.  He is doing awesome with his potty training and he gets along fabulous with his older brother!!  He is the perfect addition to our family.  Thanks again for everything.  Have a great Thanksgiving!!

11/17/16- Landrum, SC

11/14/16- Lyman, SC

11/11/16- Charlotte, NC

She is doing very well. At her last check up she was at 2.5 lbs. She is extremely playful and loves attention. She is already exploring the home on her own and even attempts to climb up things now.

11/10/16- Charlotte, NC

11/10/16- Fredericks, Va

He is the greatest little puppy.  Runs around and plays with us and his toys. Going on the pads, eating and drinking well.  We put him in the dog pen at night in our bedroom and he sleeps or stays quiet all night until we wake up.  You raise such adorable and smart little babies.  Don’t know how you keep up with it but you are amazing.  Thanks again.

11/09/19- Easley, SC

Xena had her check up at the vet and he was most impressed with her. He said that she was in perfect health and her breeder had done a perfect job. So needless to say if you are considering adding a yorkiepoo to your family the only place to consider is talking to Nancy first. I wish I could get another one when I got Xena. Thanks Nancy.

Boiling Springs, SC

10/15/16- Fort Mill, SC

8/17/16- Fountain Inn, SC

8/17/16- Simpsonville, SC

8/17/16- Augusta, Ga

Hey Nancy! We made it home safely and the whole family just loves mr. Darcy. He was such a good boy in the car even though he stayed awake the whole time! Came home and played and finally just fell asleep sitting up! lol! Will send photos and update soon. Puppy love from Augusta!

8/13/16- Evans, Ga

8/12/16- Fayetteville, NC

8/08/16- Simpsonville, SC

He is super sweet, super fun, maybe a little work (lol), but adorable!!! He went to the vet yesterday and they couldn't stop telling us how healthy he was and how great his coat was, etc., etc., etc. Needless to say I'm super grateful for the work that our amazing breeder put into caring for his parents and then him until we could bring our baby home. If you or anyone you know are in search of a tiny baby boy or girl to add to your family...I highly recommend you check out this website.

He is eating well, using his puppy pads when we haven't taken him outside fast enough and loves his big sister Riley (our 10 year old Cocker Spaniel).  We love him so much!

Thank you again!

8/08/16- Easley, SC

7/02/16- Greenville, SC

7/02/16- Savannah, Ga

They were great on the trip. 
Piper got sick one time but not much. They slept a lot. Piper is very curious and explores a lot. Rex is hanging back at little seems more reserved. They slept well in the crate all night curled up together. 
We are all in love ❀️.
They are very happy !!!! Rex had gotten more and more lively !! πŸ‘πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ Happy 4th !

7/02/16- Savannah, Ga

6/30/16- Asheville, NC

6/30/16- Asheville, NC

6/29/16- Easley, SC

6/25/16- Inman, SC

6/25/16- Columbia, SC

He's doing good. He's playing around and I must say, he's very active!! He's getting used to his new home, and I glad about that. He even sleeps in the bed with us, lol.

6/22/16- Scranton, Penn.

6/06/16- Chesapeake, Va

Hi Nancy, just wanted to let you know we made it home to VA with Lydia. She has been doing great. No car sickness or accidents in the car. 

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to add to our family!

6/04/16- Lexington, SC

6/03/16- Oxford, NC

We went to the vet today.  Everything is fine.  Missy is adjusting just fine.  We just adore her.  Thank you for so much joy.

6/03/16- Myrtle Beach, SC

Just a note to let you know that Toby is doing great!  He is so smart and sweet and we love him so much!  I have not taken to the beach but he does like riding the the car when we visit friends and family.  Hope you are doing well.. Have a wonderful day!

6/02/16- Duncan, SC

5/31/16- Spartanburg, SC

5/26/16- Columbia, SC

5/25/16- Lexington, SC

He is doing very well.   Loves outside and loves to play.  Gives sweet kisses and has gotten along well with our other Yorkie Poo Bella.  Thank you so much!

5/25/16- Pawley's Island, SC

5/23/16- Campobello, SC

My precious Lexi! So happy to have her. She's 17 months old and such a joy.

3/11/16- Spartanburg, SC

3/04/16- Charlotte, NC

3/04/16- Charlotte, NC

.. He's rotten and kam and her dad don't make it any easier with him,he follows him around the house so I guess the guys stick together lol

Good Morning! Just wanted to give you a update on Prince Patterson, he is very very active and for the past 2 weeks hes been living with my aunt permanently. She had a fall in the house and some how the little booger got outside and barked until the neighbor came over and found her. The attachment that he has to her is beyond amazing and he is a personal security guard. He sometimes makes me feel bad but he knows who mama is . Kam rides the bus there 3 days out of the week so she gets to spend time with him. We will be still looking to get him a little playmate soon even though he loves the attention that he receives.


Ash, NC

3/03/16- Swansboro, NC

One week tomorrow that we met Nancy, Abbey and Sadie...
Eight long weeks we waited... We walked into a very warm and welcoming home... Met our baby's whom we already loved and the rest is history. Today was their first vet visit... Abbey is 3 lbs and Sadie is 3.2 lbs... Both are healthy and doing very well. I can't say enough about Nancy Kuehne Fowler... She has been both professional and personable. It has been a pleasure doing business with her and finding a new friend. Her love for what she does shows in how she cares for these little ones and how she runs her business. I will recommend her to anyone looking for this breed of dog. It has truly been a great experience and we look forward to continuing our relationship.

3/03/16- Newport, NC

3/02/16- Greer, SC

3/02/16- Gaffney, SC

3/02/16- Myrtle Beach, SC

2/29-16- Boiling Springs, SC

2/29/16- Greenville, SC

2/28/16- Charleston, SC

2/27/16- Greenville, SC

2/27/16- Moore, SC

2/27/16- Cowpens, SC

He is such a fabulous dog. He is so funny.

2/26/16- John's Island, SC

2/25/16- Spatanburg, SC

2/20/16- Mocksville, NC