****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Lifetime of happiness...

11/24/17- Jonesborough, Tenn

Hi Nancy,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you!  With the holiday and then being on our "puppymoon", we've been busy! 

We finally decided on George as his name:) How silly is that?! Lordy, we just couldn't find anything that 'felt right" and then thought we'd see what his personality was like...I'm sure you know what a fiesta lil character he is! You'd have thought that after 6 weeks of waiting, we could have been a little more creative!!  
He's doing great! When you called we were at the vets.  He checked out great:) a whopping 1.56 lbs.   The vet suggested that we space out his shots a little, due to his size.  I agreed.  

He is a riot! That lil fella is just FULL of himself! When he plays with the other dogs, he rears up like a little grizzly bear! He's hilarious! He's doing remarkably well with his potty training. He doesn't cry much, he's just delightful.  I'm so happy with him, Nancy. Thank you!

I hope all is well with you and yours.  Ive had several of the girls at work ask where I got him, maybe they'll be in touch!

Thanks again!

11/24/17- Spartanburg, SC

11/24/17- Spartanburg, SC

11/24/17- Fort Mill, SC

11/22/17- Gastonia, SC

11/21/17- Columbia, SC

11/21/17- Lexington, SC

10/14/17- Gaffney, SC

He is doing great!

10/13/17- Lyman, SC

Possibly.. the cutest puppy ever!! He is such a sweet boy!!

10/13/17- Liberty, SC

She is doing great. We went to the vet and she had some ear mites but everything else was great. Abby was speechless when she saw her.  Her name is Bella.

10/11/17- Charleston, SC

This ones spoiled rotten already.
I’m all of 1.8 lbs today & Dr Jackie says I’m healthy & that it should be illegal for me to be this cute!


I think you are going to have more customers than you can handle.  We cant even get any business done in the store because everyone
is going insane over Charley!!! 
I have given your facebook page and your website out to over 15 people in the last 2 days! 

I dont give them your number, just your facebook profile and I tell them to message you on facebook to get added to your site. and then I give them yorkiepoos.com

THANK you so very much, I cant tell you how much joy she gives me!!! 

10/11/17- Spartanburg, SC

I loooovvveee Teddy!

Every time I take him out to “potty” he plays with the leaves and picks them up in his mouth!

10/10/17- Spartanburg, SC

We have had so much fun with Dollop!!!  He has such a sweet personality and full of spunk.  We took him to the vet today and he got an excellent report…very healthy.  Thank you for taking such good care of him.

10/08/17- Charlotte, NC

Hi, Nancy!

Just wanted to let you know Mr. Bentley is a spoiled baby already! He loves being in my lap or on my chest and curling up under Bria. He did not get car sick (surprisingly but yay!) He did have an accident when we first got home (to be expected) but he peed on the pad this evening (yay!!!).  His vet appt is on Tuesday. I'll let you know how that goes! We love our little baby! He's sooo spoiled already Thank you, Nancy!!
The love I have for this little baby was so unexpected. Never in a million years could I have predicted I'd be such a dog mom. He brings joy to my saddest hours and lights up my entire world. He is so so sweet and so loving (he has an attitude problem at times but so do I so it's okay). My baby, my best friend, my cuddle bug. Mommy loves you, Bentley
We can’t thank you enough for the most precious gift ever Nancy Kuehne Fowler!!! Im sure we’ll get another in the future

9/13/17- Boiling Springs, SC

He's done really well so far! He didn't even whine last night. I will love him forever. He's the sweetest.

9/13/17- Spartanburg, SC

9/12/17- Spartanburg, SC

Milo's such a sweetheart I'm so happy we got him, he absolutely adores my girls!

9/12/17- Columbia, SC

8/26/17- Taylors. SC

Totally clean bill of health 😊
GREAT Dr's visit

8/26/17- Charlotte, NC

Hi Nancy,

Empress is adjusting well to her new home. She's super smart! Her 1st vet appointment went well. She does have ear mites so I had to buy ear cleaner and medication to clear everything up. Other than that, she's doing good. She weighs 1.4lbs.

8/19/17- Woodruff, SC

8/05/17- Simpsonville, SC

8/05/17- Jacksonville, NC

We are all more than happy!! He is just perfect for our family and we love him to death!!

8/03/17- Spartanburg, SC

7/29/17- Pawleys Island, SC

I went to a new groomers today and they said Bucky is the most handsome Yorkie they have ever seen!

7/29/17- Greenville, SC

Hi Nancy,

Bear had a good ride home to Greenville SC.  He only spit up once at the end in the driveway when we arrived home.  Bear had his first vet check today and is in perfect health.  Everybody loved him at the vet.  He weighs 2.6 lbs with no parasites. He is our sweet baby boy and we love him. 

7/07/17- Goldsboro, NC

Hi Nancy 

Max is settling in. He did get sick during the ride for about 10-15 mins but did well afterwards. Thank you again for our new addition.

7/03/17- Boiling Springs, SC

I have two happy kids!!

7/01/17- Lexington, SC

7/01/17- Columbia, SC

Back Story:
3 years ago Wisdom started asking Jason and I for a puppy! We knew that we would eventually get one, but didn't want to rush into it knowing the responsibility level. We told her at the time to pray and believe God for her puppy! She did. She immediately started making her wish list for the type of dog she wanted along with its name.
Name: Cinnamon Donut Jones
Breed:. Small (We showed her a YorkiePoo and she fell in love!)
Color: Black or Brown
She continued to pray and believe God for her puppy to manifest and today was that day! We would like to introduce you to the newest addition of our family...Cinnamon Donut Jones!

The past two weeks have been adventurous, exciting and fun with our fur baby! She is determined, smart and the cutest ball of fur ever! She is such a blessing to have and is just as silly as her owners!

Today has been a great day! Cinnamon fits right in with our family and LOVES herself some Wisdom! Their bond is already electric! So happy that we were able to make this baby's prayer manifest!

Cinnamon was the main attraction at #SodaCity this morning! We're working on her people and doggy training/interaction, so this was the perfect place to go! She is truly a great addition to the Jones Family!

6/30/17- Wesley Chapel, Fla.

6/30/17- Spartanburg, SC

MILLIE IS HOME!!!! Thank you Nancy Kuehne Fowler for giving me this sweet new baby to love and cherish!

Millie likes it when Mom brings home new toys to play with. Mom likes it when Millie is totally occupied/satisfied with attacking new toys instead of Mom.

One year ago today, 7 Yorkiepoo puppies were born at Nancy Kuehne Fowler’s home. My life was forever changed when I saw her first picture 2 days later, met her and held her after 2 more weeks and then finally brought my sweet Millie girl home with me on June 30.

Millie Jane, thank you for being my first baby, the light of my life and constant companion. You are sassy, silly, and so sweet, and every day of my life has been a little brighter since you entered it.

Happy 1st Birthday Millie!!!!

6/29/17- Columbia, SC

6/28/17- Goose Creek, SC

My heart was so overwhelmed the minute I held her. Lexi just got signed yesterday with StisaTalentAgency

Our little star in the making already setting. Classes to attend.

6/28/17- Spartanburg, SC

Thank you Nancy we love her so much already. Her doctor visit went very well a very good report. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures they mean a lot.

6/25/17- Forest City, NC

She's so sweet we love her so much!!

6/24/17- Goose Creek, SC

5/13/17- Easley, SC

Hey ..Nancy took Sprinkles..awesome review at the vet today..we just love her...omg...!!! thank you so much will keep u updated

5/11/17- Columbia, SC

 Hey Nancy, She weighs 1.5 lbs. and everyone had to hold her and love her. First checkup and everything is awesome!

5/05/17- Charleston, SC

Finn is doing fantastic, I couldn't have hoped for a sweeter and better behaved puppy!
Thank you so much!

4/25/17- Gaston, SC

I took Elvis to the doctor today he weighs 2 pound 8 ounces he's doing great and no I'm supposed to take him back next within one week I mean one month scuse me but he's doing good I just want to let you know that and I love him a lot.

I just dropped Elvis off this morning to have him neutered and it's going to be a hard day today without him and tonight I got to pick him back up in the morning so I'll let you know how it's going to be but he's doing great him and loses getting along really great and when I walked in without him she kind of looked around behind me and looking for him so she's missed him already.

Nancy I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I got to tell you I couldn't ask for a better puppy me and Elvis get along so well and he gets along with his sister really good he's three and a half years old now and weighs 12 and 1/2 lb and I could not have asked for a better young man than him I love him and he does the same for me so again thank you so much have a wonderful Christmas

4/23/17- Chesapeake, Va

4/22/17- Charlotte, NC

Hi Nancy!
I just wanted to update you on Mark. He has been the perfect puppy!  So sweet and loving and easy going I don't even think he knows how to bark :-). We're crate training him and he's perfectly happy in there when noone is home during the day and at night.  He might whimper for a few minutes but settles right down.  He eats two, maybe three times a day and only wakes up once during the night to go potty. He's had very few accidents.  The coccidia has cleared up and he's healthy and happy.  He weighed 5 lbs as of last week.  Alexis has been doing a great job taking care of him.

4/19/17- Central, SC

This is Ima Cattoo (I'm a Cat too). We call him Cattoo for short. I got the shirt at dollar tree yesterday. Later after he fell asleep cuddling with his blanket and his toy squirrel, I snuck over and took this picture. I had to share it because it was just so cute. Thank you, Mrs. Nancy Kuehne Fowler for our puppy. He is so wonderful, adorable, and sweet. He is also a cuddlebug. He is very curious and is beginning to catch on to the fact we are trying to potty train him. Thanks again. We are loving him! By the way his shirt says "I make the Rules.

I just wanted to let you know that Cattoo is doing great. He had his first social outing Saturday at our church BBQ. He had a ton of fun. It was the longest he had played hard and stayed awake. He was also a hit. All the kids and several adults loved him and he did his best to get attention as someone walked by. When it was over and we were headed home he almost fell asleep in the car. When we got home and took him in he immediately climbed into his bed and fell asleep because he was so worn out but we knew he'd had fun. We did as well watching his excitement and how he ran and played. We also took him to the vet Thursday for his 10 week check up. They said he was doing great. He now weighs 3 pounds and 6 ounces. I also had some questions. How often should he be professionally groomed/clipped? How do you trim his claws? and Where besides chewy.com can you buy his food-the precise naturals? Thank you so much for Cattoo. He has given us tons of laughs, is very sweet, is intelligent and a fast learner.

Hi. I just wanted to give you a quick update on Cattoo. He has adjusted perfectly and is a wonderful family pet. Him and I walked a lot together this summer (even if I did have to carry him most of the way on our walks some of the days we walked). He loves to be carried and has recently started to put his front paws around the person's neck who happens to be carrying him at that moment in time. (see picture) He has also picked his favorite brand of treats (but will eat most every other kind anyway) and loves going on outings like riding in the car or going to petsmart. He now weighs about 11 pounds. He loves playing with my cat who loves taunting Cattoo with his tail. He also loves to cuddle when you hold him during a car ride. He also loves to play with any bugs he finds - just like our cats - and has also taken to licking himself clean - again, just like our cats. He truly is fitting his name. All that is left to do is to teach him how to meow. Lastly, he truly is a great addition to my family and we are so glad to have been able to bring him into our family. Thanks.

4/17/17- Boiling Springs, SC

We are so excited to have Muffin home! Preslee is going to be a good play mate for her. We already love her so much!!

4/17/17- Blythewood, SC

4/15/17- Indian Trail, NC

Lulu is doing well. She is playing and eating. She went poo on schedule last night and twice today. Vet visit tomorrow. I'll let you know how she does. thanks

4/02/17- Lexington, SC

Hi Nancy. Scarlett is doing great. She went for her first vet appt today and she weighs 3 lbs, 7 oz…..We love her so much already. Thank you for everything. You are the best !!

 Scarlett weighs over 6 lbs now and is a joy......most of the time❤ she is being fixed on the 22nd😉

3/22/17- Inman, SC

Leo is so happy little dog, my kids are absolutely happy

3/22/17- Asheville, NC

Let me just say how much in love with Maxx we already are! Thanks so much for the amazing gift.  We also had a great report from the vet, he said whomever our breeder was that they were on their "stuff" bc Maxx looked and sound healthy, thank you!

Hi Nancy!

I just wanted to send you an email and update you on little Maxx. He's now 5 months and has been such a joy to us and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. We took him to get a new hair cut and I wanted a share some photos with you. Thank you so much for this special little guy, it's an amazing thing what you do!

3/20/17- Boiling Springs, SC

3/20/17- Columbia, SC

Thank you so much! We are enjoying his company so far. He's adorable!!

3/18/17- Charleston, SC

Made it home safely yesterday Nancy! Sloane is such a snuggly girl...she loves her new bed...love her so much

3/17/17- Charlotte, NC

He's seriously the chilliest puppy I've ever met!! Love him already!

3/11/17- Garner, NC

3/08/17- Jacksonville, Florida

3/08/17- Inman, SC

Graci is doing great!! Settled right in and the kitties even like her!!! a Thanks so much for my precious Graci May!!!! Graci May slept all night in her new bed in her kennel and didn't wake up until we got up!! She is wonderful!!! Graci May had a good check up today!! She just had some ear mites but other than that she is perfect!!! Thanks for taking such good care of her! She follows the kitties everywhere they go! She thinks she'sas big as they are!!! I love love love her!! My baby girl is precious and so good!!!

3/07/17- Indianland, SC

3/04/17- Spartanburg, SC

3/03/17- Greenville, SC

Rosco is doing great!!  Everyone loves him.  He sleeps in his crate without crying.  Got a sweet and cute personality.

Went to the vet Saturday.  They said he weighed 2.2 pounds and looked healthy.

Loving my new baby - Rosco!!!
He is now 2 1/2 pounds. We have enjoyed the past few weeks since he came home. Such a good puppy!!
Thanks for taking such good care of him!

What a beautiful day to spend some time outside at the park!!!
Rosco had a check up at the vet today (will be 11 months old in a week and a half). He weight 6 1/2 pounds and is in perfect health!!! Love him so much

3/03/17- Spartanburg, SC

2/26/17- Boiling Springs, SC

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to let you know Olivia had a great first night and first whole day in her new home.  We have had a wonderful time just loving her and Olivia is growing confident in her new surroundings.

Olivia had her first vet appointment this afternoon.  She weighs 1 lb. 14 oz. Our vet says Olivia is doing great. 

Thank you so much for the care you give to these little blessings.

We will keep you updated on how Olivia is doing.


Wanted to give you an update on Olivia. She went to her second vet appointment on Monday. She had another great checkup. She weighs 2 lbs. 4 oz. and is doing wonderfully. Olivia is such a joy and we love that she is a part of our family.

      Nancy, I hope you are doing well and wanted to thank you for bringing Olivia into our lives. She is an extremely confident, vivacious little girl who brings lots of love and laughter into our home. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

2/26/17- Cary, NC

2/25/17- Matthews, NC

Hi Nancy
Ruby is doing well and having fun.  I took her to the vet on Monday and she was healthy. Dr said only problem was she had coccidia but he gave her meds and said she's be fine.
Thanks again!

Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to let you know that Ruby is loving her new home and growing like a weed.  She's absolutely beautiful and we love her so much.  Thank you again for our baby!
Best wishes,

2/25/17- Sumter, SC

2/24/17- Sarasota, Fla.


Just wanted to let you know that Dixie and I arrived safely to Jacksonville. She did awesome on her car ride! She slept all night no whimpering or anything! Omg she is the perfect little baby has only gone potty outside!! 
Thank you, thank you
She is amazing!!
We are home in Sarasota safe and sound and day two went just as day one! She is the perfect traveling companion. No problems, she went potty each time we stopped did every two hours and that was good for her clean carrier and good appetite; ) Hubby knows about her now...lol  He said he knew it just wanted to see how long it took me to tell him...lol

She is such a great little girl and she has my heart already. So happy I found you and Dixie! God bless you and all you do!
Thank you again and have a great weekend.

Well Dixie has gained a little weight, she is now 3lbs. and did awesome at the Vet for her check up. She is healthy and happy pup!

1/26/17- Columbia, SC

Heyyy!!!  Prince is spoiled already, he went to Petsmart yesterday got a bath and puppy groomed!  

He has a doctor's appointment today for a full checkup and another pet meds .  We saw some worms in his poop this morning...Vet said no worries...roundworms are normal and harmless!  He kept us up all night playing...and we were trying to get him to go on the training pad...He' ll get it!  

The kids aren't here this week, so they haven't met him yet, but all morning he's been sleeping like a baby.  

He's not as fluffy or curly haired like a poodle so we think he's more Yorkie and will favor Chase as he gets older.  He's my lil angel and I love him no matter what.  He did awesome at the Vet today!  He is so well mannered!!  And he is full of sooo much energy...it's too funny when he gets so into playing with his chew toy how he starts growling and barking...too funny!
He is my third child. I love this little baby soooo much!  He is such a smart and intelligent dog...sometimes I look at him like he's a person.  
He brings so much life and my mother adores him and he loves the heck out of her...as soon as we pull into her driveway,  he whines to jump out of the car because he knows he's at gramma's house.  
Love him too pieces
Thank you for putting his mother and father together to create the beautiful bundle of joy!!!

1/24/17- Simpsonville, SC

💕  Jax is growing well. Just over 15 weeks and 3.8 pounds 😊 He's a smart little boy already using a bell whenever he needs to go outside! We love him so much!

1/22/17- Charlotte, NC

Sadie is adjusting great. We are already so in love with her.

Both of our yorkipoos came from Nancy. Simon is 6 and his vet said he extremely healthy and had been well taken care of. Sadie turned 1 in November. Her vet after reviewing Nancy’s record and examing her just could not believe how extremely healthy she was. She said her coat was the healthiest coat she. Had seen, she said you can tell so much from the coat alone. I am extremely grateful to you, Nancy for taking care of those babies

1/21/17- Jacksonville, Fla

1/20/17- Graycourt, SC

1/15/17- Indian Trail, NC

Hi Nancy,

Teddy had his first vet visit today and everything was great! Perfect bill of health and he weighed 2.6 lbs. He is such a little doll

Thanks for everything,

1/14/17- Varnville, SC

1/11/17- Graycourt, SC

Hi, Colby is doing great! He goes back to the Vet on the 23rd for a follow up.

1/11/17- Charlotte, NC

12/30/16- Greer, SC

(At 7 months old)

Moose is great! He weighs about 2lb 10 oz
We love him like crazy