****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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3/20/19- Marshall, NC

All went well. Zeppy got very car sick but recovered fast.  

Everything went good at the vet. No issues and she’s all current on shots. We go back in one month. 1.76 pounds. 

Se slept great last night and has played every time she’s awake with her big brother and her favorite you a chicken.  She’s eating well and pooping and peeing like clockwork 

Thank you again for everything!!!

3/17/19- Central, SC

3/17/19- Charlotte, NC

Just a quick note to let you know we made it home safely on Sunday afternoon.  Tiki did get a little car sick, but quickly recovered and was drinking lots of water and eating kibbles as soon as we arrived home.  We went to the Vet today and everything was good.  We love Tiki and she is so funny playing with her toys.  She is a miniature acrobat, she can hop and jump and twist her small body from end to end as she leaps in the air.  Thank You for our sweet Tiki!

3/16/19- Cottageville, SC
Hi thank you so much for my puppy, he is so adorable.

3/15/19- Aiken, SC

3/15/19- Columbia, SC

Just wanted to give you an update on Ava. She had her first veterinarian visit today. Overall everything was ok, she is currently weighing in at 2lbs 7oz. She does have a case of ear mites though. The Vet is very concerned but we’ve started treatment to try to get the yeast and the ear mites under control then treat them. Other than that she is still a little ball of energy that has learned how to jump up the stairs! Lol!

3/11/19- Spartanburg, SC

3/10/19- Huntersville, NC

3/10/19- Mitchell, Ga.

3/03/19- Simpsonville, SC

Hi Nancy just wanted to give u a quick update on Trixie. She did great with her Vet visit today. She weighs 2lbs. Was negative for any parasites. And will be going back in 2 weeks for a vaccine. Yesterday on the way home she did get car sick and threw up a little. But she has been doing great at home. Loves to cuddle and play. My daughter is so happy she doesn’t want to leave her to go to school lol. Thanks again!!

And by the way she is so good with going potty on the pee pad.

2/19/19- Boiling Springs, SC

Wanted to let you know Rudy is doing great we've had 2 very good nights he's a blast. We are so in love with him already. Thanks you so much, will send pictures in a couple of weeks.

2/17/19- Charleston, SC

The vet said she looks great she weighs 1lb

2/16/19- Charleston, SC

2/14/19- Boiling Springs, SC

2/14/19- Irmo, SC

Hi Nancy! Just wanted to thank you for our sweet little Valentine! We love her so much already!! She did well with the car ride home yesterday, but did get car sick! Bless her heart!! I’m so glad you warned me about her eating habits, because she hasn’t eaten really anything, but we will keep offering and hope she’s gets a little more comfortable! Just thought I would give you a quick update and share this sweet picture! Happy Friday!! :)

2/13/19- Lexington, SC

Took Shy to vet yesterday as scheduled they are doing her shots according to their rules; she weighs about 1.6.  Her next appointment is scheduled for May 6 2019, and she is on Revolution.  The Vet indicated no problems so far.  

She threw up a couple of times on the way back into Lexington and was quiet throughout the ride back

Today, she is much more chipper.

She "bullies" Cashie or should I say when she moves Cashie back away and when she gets up on her little hind legs Cashie runs and she chases but they are getting along.  I do not think Cash believes she is real yet.

2/09/19- Greer, SC

2/09/19- Spartanburg, SC

1/29/19- Myrtle Beach, SC

1/25/19- Boiling Springs, SC

1/12/19- Charlotte, NC

She's doing pretty good, she's eating and drinking so I'm glad! We're @ the vet now

1/12/19- Mauldin, SC

Nikko had his check up on Monday everything was good so not even 2lbs

Nikko is doing great he's my spoiled baby using the piss pad, eating good, running and playing lol

1/09/19- Moore, SC

1/09/19- Stanley, NC

1/06/19- Reidville, SC