****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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12/24/19- Taylors, SC

12/24/19- Boiling Springs, SC

12/20/19- West Columbia, SC

12/13/19- North Charleston, SC

12/12/19- Roxboro, NC

Got a great report from the vet today! She weighs 3 lbs. She is sooo smart and sweet! She’s pure joy! She has slept in her crate...only wakes up once, whines a few seconds until she sees someone is near and then goes right back to sleep. We had the hardest time choosing a name. We had so many different thoughts for such a cute girl. We ended up choosing Maisey (and might end up spelling it Maizie) because it was unique but cute for a small dog! Stella was in the running too. So she might be Maizie Stella Hodgin!
I already want another one! Would love for her to have a playmate but I can’t financially make that move right now. I wish I could!! She’s awesome!! I will refer anyone I know looking for a great companion to you!
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!  Thanks for raising smart, sweet puppies!

11/11/19- Indian Land, SC

11/06/19- Chesnee, SC

11/06/19- Charleston, SC

11/02/19- Piedmont, SC

11/02/19- Greenville, SC

After hard day of work this little boy brings tons of joy and laughter.

I can't imagine my life without this awesome boy. He is my whole life. I cry when I have to go to work and leave him. He's such a great boy. When I am at home he is my tail. Sleeps with me. Plays with me.

10/27/19- Woodruff, SC

He did great! Slept right in the bed with us! No whining at all . The kids adore him

10/25/19- Duncan, SC

10/25/19- Boiling Springs, SC

Everything went well at the vet today. We are relaxing on the porch tonight with Mr Bear. Thanks so much!

She’s perfect! Went for vaccinations today. She’s healthy and weighs 3.6 pounds now. We love her so much!

10/25/19- Spartanburg, SC

10/13/19- Pauline, SC

10/10/19- Greenville, SC

10/07/19- Boiling Springs, SC

10/05/19- Columbia, SC

10/05/19- Wellford, SC

I don’t want to jinx myself but I seriously think he’s already almost potty trained. If he goes in the house, he does it on the pee pads otherwise he does his business outside. He slept in his crate at night with no problems. He is such a good puppy

10/05/19- Boiling Springs, SC

9/29/19- Columbia, SC

9/28/19- Myrtle Beach, SC

Got home with Windsor at 5:30. He did great! He didn’t get sick at all. He sat on my lap all the way home. Probably wasn’t the smartest to let him do that, but I took my time and I wanted him to feel comforted. We are settling in. 
Thank you so much. He’s a sweetie!!!! He has already won my heart.

Windsor had a very good checkup at the vet this morning. He is just over 2 lbs. He has some ear mites but the vet said that was pretty common and he treated them. Windsor is the boss of the house and we just love him. He is a perfect little stinker. He’s sleeping well, eating well and stuck to me like glue!

9/10/19- Charleston, SC

9/07/19- Greenville, SC

9/02/19- Concord, NC

8/31/19- Greenville, SC

8/31/19- Mauldin, SC

Bailey is doing so well and we can tell she came from a good breed. She is extremely playful and spoiled! I had her checked and she has no problems she goes again next week for her booster shots.  I’m enclosing some videos and pictures of how big she’s gotten thank you for everything I look forward to getting another one from you in the future so she can have a playmate. 

7/17/19- Irmo, SC.
Yes, she is doing well.  She had a vet appointment yesterday and everything checked out fine, and we have a schedule for the remainder of her shots.  We have named her Charley and she is adjusting well.  Sleeping all night in her crate and actually doing pretty well with potty training!

7/11/19- Marshall, NC

7/07/19- Simpsonville, SC

7/06/19- Goose Creek, SC
Riley is the best dog ever

7/06/19- McCormick, SC

7/05/19- Greenville, SC

7/05/19- Charlotte, NC

I love her so much and she did really well on the ride home! 🤗

6/29/19- Charleston, SC

6/22/19- Woodruff, SC

6/09/19- Greenville, SC

6/09/19- Greer, SC

Liam’s vet appointment was today she said he’s doing good.
Liam is doing good we are in love with him.

6/08/19- Charleston, SC

Steven and I just wanted to give you an update on Otis. We are over the moon about the newest addition to our family! Otis is such an awesome puppy - so sweet, playful, and happy-go-lucky! It’s only Day 3 and he brings us so much joy! 

Otis did get sick on the car ride home, but he was a trooper. He appears to be adjusting well to our home. We can’t get enough of him, so we are practically playing with him all day! He LOVES going outside, and is catching on to potty training. We must be wearing him out, because he’ll sleep at night for 4 to 5 hours straight. 

We are heading to the vet this morning, and will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for our wonderful new family member!

Otis checked out great at the vet on Monday! We are so in love in with this little guy!

5/31/19- Little River, SC

Vet said he was perfect! But I knew that! It was love a first site❤️❤️❤️

This little booger is so smart! He chases the ball when I throw it and brings back to me, sits on command, he can go up the stairs by himself..trying to teach him to roll over. He is 16 weeks old today! I’ve had him 2 months and he has brought me incredible happiness! I’m so thankful for my baby Jax❤️

Nancy, I’m just so happy I got him from you! Thanks to Teena Henline Ridenhour, I fell in love with her babies ❤️😘🥰😍

5/31/19- Spartanburg, SC

5/25/19- Asheville, NC

5/22/19- Sumter, SC

Just wanted to let you know Mila did so good on the way home! She didn’t even get sick and she slept through the night!!! He visit with the vet went good.

Happy 1st birthday to our Mila (a few days late). She is the best. She keeps us laughing and we have no clue what we did before we got her. She has completely stolen our hearts and have us wrapped around her finger!

5/08/19- Johnstown, Colorado

5/05/19- Moore, SC

5/05/19- Gloucester, Va

Thank you Nancy for the nice picture ,very nice Abbie is so cute such fun we are so glade to get her she rides go in the car no trouble hope she stay that way so much fun to play with thank you again for thinking of me ,love her so much already.all the best to you.

Nancy we went to the vet today every thing went well she checked out fine thank you again for such a beautiful puppy we love her very much

4/27/19- Summerville, SC

4/27/19- Columbia, SC

We made it home. He peed and poop on the pee pad shortly after we got home!! Like he already knew that's where he supposed to do it at. Thanks again!!

4/20/19- Augusta, Ga

4/20/19- Columbia, SC

 Vet said she is as healthy as can be. She is schedule to receive her second shot on May 1st. She starting to become very playful!

4/19/19- Hartsville, SC

4/18/19- Lyman, SC

4/12/19- Lake City, SC
Nancy Kuehne Fowler when we returned home he napped at Jim's feet. And then, on his own, pooped outside on well-gated deck. WHAT a good boy.

3/20/19- Marshall, NC

All went well. Zeppy got very car sick but recovered fast.  

Everything went good at the vet. No issues and she’s all current on shots. We go back in one month. 1.76 pounds. 

Se slept great last night and has played every time she’s awake with her big brother and her favorite you a chicken.  She’s eating well and pooping and peeing like clockwork 

Thank you again for everything!!!

3/17/19- Central, SC

3/17/19- Charlotte, NC

Just a quick note to let you know we made it home safely on Sunday afternoon.  Tiki did get a little car sick, but quickly recovered and was drinking lots of water and eating kibbles as soon as we arrived home.  We went to the Vet today and everything was good.  We love Tiki and she is so funny playing with her toys.  She is a miniature acrobat, she can hop and jump and twist her small body from end to end as she leaps in the air.  Thank You for our sweet Tiki!

Hi Nancy - Tiki went for her 12 week checkup today and she now weighs 3 pounds.  She is growing like a weed and we love her dearly!

UPDATE- 5/29/20- She is sweet, playful, spoiled and we love her dearly.  She is eating the Fromms adult small dog food with poached shredded chicken daily and likes the small baby carrots for mid-meal snacks.  Her first yearly checkup was good and she weighs 8 lbs.  She is mostly black with a lot of gray sprinkled in. Thank you for providing us sweet puppy love  and take care of yourself too, during these unusual times!

3/16/19- Cottageville, SC
Hi thank you so much for my puppy, he is so adorable.

3/15/19- Aiken, SC

We are having so much fun with little Sara. Thank you!

3/15/19- Columbia, SC

Just wanted to give you an update on Ava. She had her first veterinarian visit today. Overall everything was ok, she is currently weighing in at 2lbs 7oz. She does have a case of ear mites though. The Vet is very concerned but we’ve started treatment to try to get the yeast and the ear mites under control then treat them. Other than that she is still a little ball of energy that has learned how to jump up the stairs! Lol!

3/11/19- Spartanburg, SC

3/10/19- Huntersville, NC

We love our Murphy and can't imagine her not being here.  She is a typical puppy and a little mush.   She's very smart and just beautiful.   Thank you for allowing us to be her family.

3/10/19- Mitchell, Ga.

Penelope is 4 months old this week! She officially is ruler of the house. We couldn’t be happier with this sweet girl.

3/03/19- Simpsonville, SC

Hi Nancy just wanted to give u a quick update on Trixie. She did great with her Vet visit today. She weighs 2lbs. Was negative for any parasites. And will be going back in 2 weeks for a vaccine. Yesterday on the way home she did get car sick and threw up a little. But she has been doing great at home. Loves to cuddle and play. My daughter is so happy she doesn’t want to leave her to go to school lol. Thanks again!!

And by the way she is so good with going potty on the pee pad....
  i took Trixie to the vet today for her last puppy shots and she is now weighting 3.6lbs. Vet says she is a very healthy pup. She is the sweetest.

2/19/19- Boiling Springs, SC

Wanted to let you know Rudy is doing great we've had 2 very good nights he's a blast. We are so in love with him already. Thanks you so much, will send pictures in a couple of weeks.

2/17/19- Charleston, SC

The vet said she looks great she weighs 1lb

2/16/19- Charleston, SC

2/14/19- Boiling Springs, SC

2/14/19- Irmo, SC

Hi Nancy! Just wanted to thank you for our sweet little Valentine! We love her so much already!! She did well with the car ride home yesterday, but did get car sick! Bless her heart!! I’m so glad you warned me about her eating habits, because she hasn’t eaten really anything, but we will keep offering and hope she’s gets a little more comfortable! Just thought I would give you a quick update and share this sweet picture! Happy Friday!! :)

I am loving my little Esso...I cant believe it’s already been a year & 1/2 since I got her from you!!!

2/13/19- Lexington, SC

Took Shy to vet yesterday as scheduled they are doing her shots according to their rules; she weighs about 1.6.  Her next appointment is scheduled for May 6 2019, and she is on Revolution.  The Vet indicated no problems so far.  

She threw up a couple of times on the way back into Lexington and was quiet throughout the ride back

Today, she is much more chipper.

She "bullies" Cashie or should I say when she moves Cashie back away and when she gets up on her little hind legs Cashie runs and she chases but they are getting along.  I do not think Cash believes she is real yet.

2/09/19- Greer, SC

2/09/19- Spartanburg, SC

1/29/19- Myrtle Beach, SC

1/25/19- Boiling Springs, SC

1/12/19- Charlotte, NC

She's doing pretty good, she's eating and drinking so I'm glad! We're @ the vet now

1/12/19- Mauldin, SC

Nikko had his check up on Monday everything was good so not even 2lbs

Nikko is doing great he's my spoiled baby using the piss pad, eating good, running and playing lol

1/09/19- Moore, SC

1/09/19- Stanley, NC

1/06/19- Reidville, SC