****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Puppies and their new owners...

2/08/20- Chesnee, SC

We are all excited about her. Found out she enjoyed sleeping with me. She is so precious. Likes to ride. We named her Millie.

Took Millie to Vet. He said she is perfect, but I already knew that.

2/08/20-Hendersonville, NC

2/01/20- Greenville, SC

1/30/20- Tryon, NC

1/28/20- Chester, SC

1/27/20- Greenwood, SC

She is doing pretty good. She was doing so good with potty training and now it’s like she is trying to push her boundaries like a kid and now she ain’t doing good. She is so sweet though. We love her so much.

1/20/20- Ladson, SC

The vet set she thought she heard a slight pause in his heart beat but she will doubl check it on his next visit, other than that he is perfect ...he started his vaccines and flea medication today, he weighs 2.2 lbs and he is as SWEET as he can be....the Dr wanted to keep him for herself 

1/18/20- Greenville, SC

1/18/20- Greer, SC

Thanks Nancy. Pippi is doing well. She is enjoying her 5 new brothers and sisters and her big backyard.

1/17/20- Charleston, SC

"Hey Nancy, just wanted to give you an update on our baby. We named him Cooper. He is adjusting so well. He is all over the house, loves to be outside, thinks he is 75 lbs like our lab! He is so happy and playful. He does NOT like being in his cage AT ALL! So, he hasnt been in there much. We cannot believe how fast he is! He can really move! I am so happy that I chose him. He is doing well going potty outside. We are learning his little mannerisms and figuring out when he needs to go. Just pretty much taking him out hourly right now. I will keep you posted. Thank you for everything!"

1/14/20- Charleston, SC

1/11/20- Mount Pleasant, SC

he is doing A – OK. he is the star of our office.  We bring our dogs to the office.   Went to the Vet yesterday and he said that he was a beautiful puppy!  He is actually doing quite well on pottying on the piddle paper and outside except he tried to eat his poop this morning.  Never had that happen before.  He is very playful and my cavalier is tolerating him.  He has not met my cats yet but will soon.  My Siamese will want to play with him. 

Today his name is Jake.  It may change tomorrow.  Seems to be a moving target!


He is going to be quite spoiled with all the attention around here.  Everyone is in love with him especially Gene.

1/11/20- Allisonia, Va

1/11/20- Chapin, SC

1/11/20- Indian Land, SC

The vet said she is doing great!

She is adjusting well, still whines a little in the middle of the night but she is fitting in nicely. I can assure you that she is getting more than enough attention, so much so she curls up and just goes to sleep she is so tired from playing! 

Thank you again!

1/10/20- Fingerville, SC

She is doing so good. I am training her to ring the bell when she needs to go potty and she rang it by herself this morning. She is so smart

1/10/20- Blacksburg, SC

His name is buster and he is doing great! He goes to the vet next week. Did you sell all your puppies? I have had friends asking?

1/10/20- Landrum, SC