****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Awesome people with amazing puppies...

4/02/21- Atlanta, Ga

Hi Nancy,
I just wanted to give you an update on our adorable puppies...

The 2.5 hr drive home was seamless. They didn’t get car sick at all! They received plenty of attention from the children along the way while I drove, so they just slept & listened to our music.

The first night went well. They took to their own crates & play pens right away. The Snuggle puppies worked like a charm. I think the heating pads I have under their crates helped too. They only whimpered a few times, mostly for each other I think. Since I’ll be crate training them separately in their own spaces, I started this on the first night. It only took one night for them to get used to sleeping apart. Their play pens are very close so they can see/smell each other.

Their 1st vet check also went well, no health issues. The Vet says they look very healthy. They had fecal tests & both came back negative. Yay! They received Bordetella vaccines & started on heartworm/flea/tick prevention. Even though Luna looks smaller, they both weighed in at 2.5 pounds. They’ll go back in 2 weeks for another check up.

They are very sweet, smart, happy puppies. Seems like you socialized them well, they aren’t scared of much so far. They’ve gotten used to all the sights & sounds of our home in less than a week. Litter box training is going great. They’ve already picked up where they’re supposed to go. They go in the pine pellets almost every time. They were going on the puppy pads too but I had to take the pads away because they liked to chew them. They love love love playing together. They would probably play fight for hours if I let them.

Luna is the lively, spunky one. She’s very playful, adventurous & super smart. And she’s quite the escape artist already! When she’s in her playpen, she climbs up on top of her crate (yes, climbs) and sits up there to get a better view! Keep in mind, her playpen walls are clear! So she just likes to be nosy, explore & be higher up so she doesn’t miss anything I guess. Smh.

Levi is more reserved & chill. He seems to enjoy being on his own sometimes so he can just eat, sleep, and quietly chew his toys. But then he can also be very playful & energetic when he’s with his sister. And he likes to sleep in his litter box! I think he likes the smell of the pine pellets? I guess I’m keeping it too clean if he wants to sleep in there, huh? Smh.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know all is well. They’re keeping us busy but full of love & laughter. I wish I could afford a 3rd puppy! Thank you for our Levi & Luna!

4/02/21- Atlanta, Ga

3/28/21- Columbia, SC

Our female puppy Latte is doing quite well and getting along wonderfully with our baby boy Choco. She received all of her vaccines and was parasite free. I hope you are doing well. Sorry for the untimely response.

3/27/21- Boiling Springs, SC

She has been loving and playful. Really a sweetie. She goes in her bed by herself!

She ate this morning after sleeping all night! I woke her at 4:00 in the morning to make sure she was ok. Thunder and lighting didn’t even wake her!  She was so full of energy today! Love this little girl.

She is getting more lively and demanding attention. She is still a little sweetheart. Hard not to spoil her. 

3/27/21- Ladson, SC

I wanted to let you know that Ziggy is doing great. He had his first vet appointment yesterday and he's been scratching at his ears so we got some drops, but besides that he checked out healthy. He weighed in at 2 lbs 6 oz :) He's getting more and more comfortable every day and his little personality is starting to come out. He is such a handsome and playful little thing! We all love him!

3/13/21- Greenville, SC

Callie had her first vet visit this afternoon. It went relatively well. She had a good check up. She weighs 2.5lbs. She does have ear mites which the vet treated today. She goes back in two weeks for another vaccine and to recheck her ears and in four weeks for another full exam.

We are loving her and I think she likes us pretty well too.
We took her to the vet today for a vaccine and re-check. She weighs 3.3lbs now. And no more ear mites. She’s very energetic and lots of fun but snuggly at times too. She’s doing great with crate training at night and potty training is going pretty good as well.

3/07/21 Charleston, SC

Thank you so much

!!! We are already deeply twice in love! It took Miley about a day to come around to him but now they are best buds! And you were absolutely right, Brody can take care of himself! Thank you for bringing such a joy to our lives! We deeply appreciate you!

2/19/21- Boiling Springs, SC

2/18/21- Rutherfordton


2/11/21- Pittsburgh, Pa

 Good Morning!  So Leo had his vet apt.  he is now 1.6 and in very good health.  Thank You!

2/09/21- West Union, SC,

2/06/21- Ladson, SC

Love him to pieces! He is already spoiled rotten and he is doing great potty training!!

2/01/21- Spartanburg, SC

1/27/21- Moncks Corner, SC

1/25/21- Venice, Fla.

Jack and I want to let you know how Elli is doing after her first week with us.
The 10-hour ride home turned out much better than we expected. Since Elli has been home, she is adjusting and fitting in quickly. Potty training and sleeping through the night are coming along and getting better with each day. Her toys are scattered everywhere, and she would rather lay down and munch on the grass than walk on her leash. Not ever having a dog before (only cats), we are all learning together. Our lives are busier and happier with Elli.
Elli was given a clean bill of health at her first vet visit (with the exception of 2 parasites that she is receiving meds for). Everyone there loved her. We get a lot of compliments about her markings. 
It was wonderful meeting you in person. Who knows.... maybe our paths will cross again!

1/20/21- Anderson, SC

Jade is a little spitfire when she is playing.... she loves her naps... and can’t stand to be out of our sight.

Jade is doing great. Vet said she’s looking good, goes back in couple of weeks. She weighed in at 1.5 lbs. She’s doing great with house training as well.

Such a sweet and smart girl. Yes-jade has our hearts and neighbors!!!

Moira Jade will be 3 months old in 3 days. Today’s vet visit— up to 2 pounds and yucky shots. She is such a goood girl but today has worn her out She has already put herself to bed.

1/17/21- Ladson, SC

1/16/21- Columbia, SC

Hey Nancy! Jasper is absolutely fabulous! He is so fabulous that I haven’t had time to check my email. I’m going to try to attach a video in a couple of pictures so you can see how well he’s doing. And he had a nice vet check up yesterday and they all admired him of course and we found a vet that understands that the vaccines that are required for three or four years we won’t be doing and he was very understanding about that. So all is well, but as Jasper is feeling himself he is running around like a maniac in the backyard and everywhere and I have to keep an eye on him. He’s a great puppy!

1/14/21- Spartanburg, SC

We are in love she is very curious and loves to run in the yard .

She had her vet appt today , she is 2.4 lbs, hearts strong , ears are clear eyes good lungs good . Fully healthy, started heart worm, flea , tick, worm meds . Another appt next week for shots.

1/10/21- Charlotte, NC

1/10/21- Gaston, SC

1/10/21- Simpsonville, SC

1/07/21- Willingboro, New Jersey