****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Puppies going home in 2022...

9/06/22- Mint Hill, NC

9/05/22- Greer, SC

The vet check went well. Yes she does go potty when she wakes up, usually sleeps 3 to 4 hours at a time. Thank you for bringing her into my life!

9/01/22- Campobello, SC

He's doing great. He was a little shy for a day but he has completely warmed up to us. He only whined a little the first night. He seems to really like his crate/snuggle pet and does well when we put him in a little fenced area with his crate. He certainly has a big personality and a lot of energy. He has killed a little toy duck at least 1000 times. Everybody is real excited about him

8/14/22- Ridgeway, SC

Annie and Hershey love to play. He has been such a good boy and fit right into the family. We love them bothso much. Thanks!

8/13/22- Lugoff, SC

8/13/22- Summerville, SC

"Our pup had a great first night. We love his sweet and playful personality so much. He is my little shadow! What a joy, thank you we are so glad we brought him home with us."

8/12/22- Boiling Springs, SC

He’s doing well so far! He is such a little love bug!!

8/12/22- Inman, SC

She is doing great!!! No whining at all and she likes her pen. She also has been doing great with the other dogs and they are doing great with her. She did amazing last night!!! Woke me up at 5:30 this morning to go potty, took her out she pottied and went right back to sleep. She is very playful and seems to like everyone. Thank you so much for my sweet Lily, I couldn’t love her more!!!❤️❤️

Took Lily to the vet for her shots today. She weighs 3 lbs 9ozs and the vet said she looks absolutely perfect. Everyone that meets her falls in love, she has the best little personality ❤️❤️

Lily went for her third round of puppy shots today. She weighed in at 4lbs 11ozs, and the vet said she looked great!!! She goes for her first grooming appointment Wednesday.

7/02/22- Columbia, SC

7/01/22- Boiling Springs, SC

 I got Coco from you on July 1, 2022.  She weighed 3 lbs.
Coco is now 7 lbs.  A very happy, healthy, energetic puppy.  She is fully vaccinated now.
We have a lot of good times together.  She's a great companion!  A little spoiled too. 

6/29/22- Spartanburg, SC

We are loving him soooo much!!!!

Got Fin to the vet today and he is good!

6/27/22- Barnwell, SC

Ruby is doing great. She has learned where her food and water bowls are and is eating good.

6/24/22- Florence, SC

6/24/22- Florence, SC

6/21/22- Spartanburg, SC

6/19/22- Greer, SC

6/18/22- Inman, SC

6/18/22- Charlotte, NC

6/16/22- Sumter, SC

Mila and Millie are becoming quick friends! We are so in love!!! Millie is definitely comfortable at her new home

6/15/22- Sumter, SC

6/10/22- Tampa, Florida

6/10/22- Cassatt, SC

I love love love my Nyla we all do she’s already super spoiled. Thank you for this.

6/09/22- Sevierville, Tenn

Took Mayzee to the vet today. She was fine except for ear mites.  So, they treated her for that. She said looking at her fur, she might change colors to a lighter coat. I told her parents are lighter. Interesting to see what it will be when she’s older. Needless to say, she was a hit at the vet office. Everyone thought she was adorable!!

 Adjusting very well. Doing great going out to potty. She’s had a couple accidents but at least it was in front of the door we go out. She knew were she needed to go. No she hasn’t cried at night, buts that’s probably because she sleeps by me. LOL.

5/21/22- Cross Hill, SC

5/21/22- Spartanburg, SC

He did perfect on the ride home and he's doing great. 💙 thank you!!

5/19/22- Spartanburg, SC

They have been so good. They are sleeping through the night with only one accident at night. And minimal accidents in the house. She pees instantly when we take her out. They are having so much fun and so are we! My husband is taking them to the vet tomorrow to get a well check. Thank you for checking up!

5/19/22- Spartanburg, SC

5/18/22- Union, SC

4/30/22- Easley, SC

He is adorable!! And he is a wide open ball of fire that is soooo doggone sweet and cute. Kenny absolutely loves him to death. He is worse than me…(being like a “mother hen”….) LOLOLOLOL.

Kenny and I cannot tell you how much we love our adorable little Kody Bear. He is the funniest, friendliest, happiest little guy  that we have ever seen. He smiles all the time…or at least it looks as though he does. He loves all of the other babies, especially old boy Larry who grooms them all!!! LOL

4/30/22- Simpsonville, SC

4/28/22- Austin, Texas

4/20/22- New Prospect, SC

4/19/22- Irmo, SC

Nancy, I took Chloe to the vet today. She is 2.2 pounds of perfect cuteness!

4/18/22- Charleston, SC

Everything went well at the veterinarian’s office!!! I have a healthy puppy. He’s found his voice so he vocalizes none stop.

2/26/22- Concord, NC

Gm! Smoke is doing well. He adapted really quick and is so playful. We’re loving it. My son fell in love soon as he saw him.

2/11/22- Melborne, Florida

Diesel had a great appointment on Tuesday. He got two shots and didn’t even cry. He has some more on 3/7 as he’s on the puppy plan at the vet. His health is great. He’s met a few people and showers them with kisses. He’s very energetic and quite a cuddle master. He’s doing great. Still learning how to pee outside. But he’s very very smart.


Hendersonville, NC

We had Little Man at vet yesterday for his shots and he weighs 2.8 and is very healthy. His ears are the biggest thing about him. He has a great personality and climbs like a mountain goat. He scares me and I watch him like a hawk. He truly is a beautiful baby and we all love and adore him.

2/09/22- Spartanburg, SC

1/30/22- Pauline, SC

1/22/22- Cowpens, SC