****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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Puppies going home in 2022...

5/18/22- Union, SC

4/30/22- Easley, SC

4/30/22- Simpsonville, SC

4/28/22- Austin, Texas

4/20/22- New Prospect, SC

4/19/22- Irmo, SC

Nancy, I took Chloe to the vet today. She is 2.2 pounds of perfect cuteness!

4/18/22- Charleston, SC

Everything went well at the veterinarian’s office!!! I have a healthy puppy. He’s found his voice so he vocalizes none stop.

2/26/22- Concord, NC

Gm! Smoke is doing well. He adapted really quick and is so playful. We’re loving it. My son fell in love soon as he saw him.

2/11/22- Melborne, Florida

Diesel had a great appointment on Tuesday. He got two shots and didn’t even cry. He has some more on 3/7 as he’s on the puppy plan at the vet. His health is great. He’s met a few people and showers them with kisses. He’s very energetic and quite a cuddle master. He’s doing great. Still learning how to pee outside. But he’s very very smart.


Hendersonville, NC

We had Little Man at vet yesterday for his shots and he weighs 2.8 and is very healthy. His ears are the biggest thing about him. He has a great personality and climbs like a mountain goat. He scares me and I watch him like a hawk. He truly is a beautiful baby and we all love and adore him.

2/09/22- Spartanburg, SC

1/30/22- Pauline, SC

1/22/22- Cowpens, SC