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Miracle's Story...

On a cool September morning the dogs were barking like crazy, I went to investigate. No wonder my dogs were raising cane, there was a newborn puppy with them. I never knew her mom was pregnant and apparently she didn't either because the puppy was still wrapped up in the birth sack and was abandoned. Immediately I open the sack so the newborn could breathe and warmed her tiny body. I really didn't think she'd survive, but had to do everything to make her comfortable. Surprisingly she made it through the first day, then the second, the third...days turned in weeks, months and years. We decided to name her Miracle since it fits. Miracle's now 13 years old and will always be my baby.  


 I was with her from her first breath to her last. I'm gonna miss waking up in the mornings and not see my little girl. I can never forget the laughter and fun she brought to our home. As she got older, she lost all of her teeth and had arthritis all over, she had a hard time walking. She was a good girl and let me 'work' during the day and every evening she would come to me to be held and loved while watching tv.  I'll always remember the good times and grateful to God for allowing me to be surrounded by her love. She left us last night, now there really is a Miracle in Heaven.