****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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My day starts around 6:00am. I get up, let momma dogs outside, clean puppy pens, feed them, medicate (if necessary), socialize and feed them. Start washing blankets and mats from the puppy pens. After that I feed my two kitties, then I check my 35 other dogs, play a little, freshen their water and feed them. By now my stomach is growling so I have to eat, I quickly eat an egg sandwich, empty the washing machine and bring the doggies back inside. Now it's time to take some picture to update my website and send to future puppy owners. This takes a while though because I have to set up my 'photo studio' for perfect pictures. Uh oh, I'm getting hungry for lunch and need to take a shower first. Since I don't like cooking for myself, I eat at the closest place to my home. I'm there almost every day so the waitors know my name lol. Getting away from the chaos at home is what I consider my 30 minute lunch break. Back home and now on to other things...I can't forget that it's time to bathe and groom a few doggies and puppies. I'm getting pretty fast at it though, I can get one bathed, dried, shaved, ears cleaned, dewormed and give them a dose of heartworm prevention in 45 minutes. On a good day I'll have time to do 4 or 5 before hubby comes home for supper. For the second time I have to clean puppy pens, feed them and let the doggies outside. Then remove dog food from the kennels and pressure wash them. In between my daily chores, visitors come by to see my babies or take one home. This is my normal day (every day). Stuff that needs to be done like going to the grocery store, Walmart, Petsmart, paying bills, trash dump, washing clothes, straightening the house, etc have to fit in somewhere too. So please forgive me if I'm not wearing make-up, wearing blue jeans with a tee-shirt or my house isn't perfect, I just do the best I can.