****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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                     TO RESERVE A PUPPY....

  First thing you need to do is select the one you want as a companion, then let me know which one. A deposit ($200) is required to hold him for only you. (Paypal  or checks are accepted for the deposit.) Deposits are taken to ensure that you'll receive the puppy of your dreams! I do not accept deposits on unborn puppies because that could be complicated and I don't have a 'waiting list' so it's always on a first come basis. If you place a deposit, I guarantee that your puppy will not be sold to anyone else. A person came by last week and literally begged to get a reserved puppy. Another person offered to double the price for a puppy and of course they left empty handed. I'm an honest person and would NEVER allow that to happen! The way I see it, anything worth having is worth waiting for. If for any reason you can't take your puppy home, please let me know so a new home can be found, you're not being kind to the puppy by making him wait for you if that's not gonna happen.    

   Because of high demand most of the puppies that have been adopted are sold before they're 4 weeks old. You can paypal it or you can come by to meet them and me in person. The deposit is $200.00 and some folks prefer to send more. After a deposit is received I'll take that puppy off of the available babies and take several photos at least every 2 weeks and send them to the future owner. Out of these pictures one is selected to be on the web site for all to enjoy.

    When you pick up your puppy the balance needs to be CASH ONLY!

  To find out my address you'll need to contact me PoodleLadysc@aol.com or call 864-578-2048. Deposit are not refunded unless your puppy dies.

  All puppies are treated special and socialized. You can visit your puppy any day (11:00-6:00).