****CKC Yorkies and first-generation Yorkiepoos**** 

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              WANT A TEACUP?    please read.....

 Many people have inquired about getting a teacup size yorkiepoo so I decided to include a page that may answer a few questions...

   Teacup size puppies require a lot of attention. You must be with them constantly in case they experience low-blood sugar which they're prone to have. They must be kept warm and always have food available. You can't allow them to jump off furniture or play to rough because they can break bones easily and are fragile. Occasionally some of my puppies only weigh 3-4 pounds when grown and may need constant care. Is this really how you want to spend your time??

   Some folks consider a 'teacup' to weigh less than 5 or 6 pounds. Personally I think they should weigh 3 pounds or less. The size of puppies is usually attributed to the size of the grandparents so it bothers me when people asks 'well, how big are the parents?'. For instance my main stud is my yorkie, Prints. Prints weighs 6 pounds and his father is only 2.5 pounds so many times Print's offspring will be very tiny just like my two pound yorkiepoo, 'Miracle'. Miracle's father is Prints and her mother Kimba weighs 4 pounds so you would think that Miracle would weigh around 5 pounds, but she evidently got her size from grandpa. I don't breed my adults in order to produce teacups...it just happens sometimes. Please remember that teacups are very fragile and need extra attention. A tiny puppy is prone to having low-blood sugar, liver shunts and so many other issues because of their size. I never know if a puppy will be a 'teacup' size until they're about 6-7 weeks old and sometimes older. Just like Miracle who was the size of a regular puppy when she was born and has never had any health issues. Chiquita is a 3 pound yorkiepoo that was born on 1/01/10 and she remains with me also. Chiquita did have low-blood sugar issues as a puppy and had to be watch closely. She had a few seizures because of this and is doing great now and is extremely happy and playful!

 Some people think that a teacup puppy would be ideal to grow up with their small children and that's just not the case. Can you imagine being a tiny puppy and having a young baby pulling on your ears, being picked up by your tail, small hands grabbing your face, etc? It makes me shudder to think that one of my puppies has to endure this type of treatment. These puppies are not toys for babies!

  Because of these issues I want my puppies to go to homes that can provide proper care and love that's needed for them to live a happy and joyful life for many years!